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Thursday, May 10, 2018


Amber Rose (Dancer) sets to launch her tour

Ekiti state iron Lady/ DABLINKS ENTERTAINMENT MAFIA / HOTTEST FEMALE DANCER ON CAMPUS is set to move her career to another level as she sets to hold her campus tour. 

This movement is motivated by DABLINKS the Organizer of the recently concluded hit show tagged MR/MISS FRESHER EKSU 2K18 & CEO of DABLINKS ENTERTAINMENT CREW

Dablinks Mafia ..Wonni otun ti wa online!!!
Facts about *ARCT* (Amber Rose campus tour);
This is the first of its kind in this state. I don't think there is any dancer that has ever think of touring his/her craft in this state, everyone loves to perform in their comfort zone, this is mainly an awareness show for the girl "Amber Rose" ..After this show, you book her performance with money!

New, new innovations by Dablinks the mafia. I think Nigga is taking his brand to the next phase. He singlehandedly powered this show with various sponsors. Consistency is key, man is not giving us any breathing space this year, his new name should be *"Efejoku"*..

Amber Rose represents the females on campus (Both entertainers and non entertainers).. A typical example of "Girls can do it better" ..Whether you like it or not, this is the first major show a girl will be headlining in this state. Automatically all girls should turn up to support their own, she has taken it upon herself to be a power lady instead of fooling around behind guys (No offence). Girls, support your own, moreover she's bringing the girls favourite superstar to mash up the stage with her.

Dablinks and his mafia brothers/team are really putting in work. Someone has to lend me some accolades, mine has finish. They really deserve some accolades, blinks has paid his mohfckin dues.
Are you guessing the guest artiste already? This one is the girl's favourite, trust me!!!
Lastly, they said Amber Rose has big yansh and nice curves, I've not seen that actually but I hope she'll do more of twerking than dancing, I know what my guys like.

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Announcer:-  EL'KARNAH LYON

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