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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

(Places) FAJUYI MEMORIAL PARK_(by tr bolaji oluwaseun)

About Fajuyi Memorial Park
(As viewed by Tr bolaji oluwaseun)_

Located in the EKITI state capital, in memory of the Late Col. Adekunle Fajuyi who was killed during the first military coup in Nigeria and is the final resting place of the late soldier. If you are interested in getting enlightened in Adekunle Fajuyi’s exploits and the events leading to the civil war in Nigerian history then this is the right place to be.
1- The park has a fountain

Above are photos of the fountain located at the front of the main entrance

2- game arcade
3- children playground
4- mini-museum/archival centre
5- Restaurant/bar (OSOKO BAR)
6- GSM telephone booths for visitors and tourists.
@ FAJUYI MEMORIAL PARK,there's always a set of fun factors that keeps visitors interested in the place
Although maybe located close to an express highway and between roads, the park is 100% safe thanks to the renovation plan that's currently in progress.
The gates of the park are well constructed and it's fences are well mounted.
Parents can let their guards down over their wards in the park.
Here is a view of the roads that surrounds the park

Here is a straight view of the fence Surrounding the park


Things to Do
Visit the park with your loved ones in order to enjoy the environment better.
Show respect to one of the heroes of our land, play games with your fellows and live up the moment.
What to Bring
Well, if visiting for touring purpose- bring along a camera to take amazing images, and also a notepad.
And if you're visiting for the fun of it, come with your camera and pals. You can make memories @ fajuyi memorial park
Best feature

Everything in this park is worthy of our likes but the fountain is the one to behold amongst all.tho,after visiting, y'all may have different perspective.
Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit is during the weekend when there are a lot of people at the park which makes the park more fun.
People who visits the park 
Researchers, fun lovers, families, tourists.
Why You Should Visit
Most of all,one can visit the park to have fun.but, we shouldn't forget the main reason for which the park was installed here in it's location,to enable us learn about one of our past hero(s). To see,feel and show respect.
Been to Fajuyi Memorial Park before?
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