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Friday, December 15, 2017

(Check out EL'O'KINGS empire: the latest & dope entertainment crep

(lords/ladies of kings entertainment)

el'o'kings is a new and upcoming team of entertainers.

it started out as a one man hype squad,but now it has a reason to enlarge its coast..

we the officials at elokings entertainment,are using this medium to reach out to the general public,calling on to the world for support,for an empire cannot be an empire if it has no subjects.

"El'o'kings is about to become official"

we offer online promotion to our artistes and their tracks,enabling them to reach enough audience on social medias.as time goes on we shall successfully develop an easy way to fund the studio sessions for all records made by the team under el'o'kings or better still,we may come up with a mobile recording studio that will enable our artistes record with ease 

we have also decided to work hard and hire managers to promote our brand."

as quoted above,those are the plans which the team has began to put in motion and the vision of the team is that "in a year time,we shakl dominate and rule our zone first and in about 6 years time,we shall begin to  conquer territories and enlarge our coast.so help us GOD.."

further more, EL'O'kings is set to launch its brand online from the 1st of january in the year 2018..

support the team and show love for entertainment..we cant make it without support from you all out there.

to follow more updates stay tuned to this site 

and join our whatsapp supporters forum by clicking here

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