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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Messages And Photos Alleging Regina Daniels Released A Teenager’s Nudes For Refusing To Sleep With A Producer Has Emerged

Earlier today, it was reported that teenage actress Regina Daniels is being accused of threatening to release a teenage girl’s nude photos for refusing to sleep with a movie producer.

This information was revealed by Amanda Chisom on Facebook. She has now shared the text of the initial message she allegedly received from the teenager being blackmailed.

She also shared screenshots of other messages Regina Daniels allegedly sent to the victim and also messages Regina’s best friend Casie sent to the victim.

Four people have been fingered in these accusations. They are Regina Daniels, her brother Sammy Daniels, the producer Richy Adams, and friend Casie Snow.

Meanwhile, there is also a blurred screenshot of a semi-nude photo of the victim which Regina allegedly went ahead to share on a particular website. According to a commenter on Amanda’s post, he reported the explicit photo on the website and it has now been taken down.

Below is also a clear screenshot of Frances, 16, picture, Regina allegedly shared as a threat to Frances.


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The victim, who goes by the name Frances online, has reacted with a post which seems to confirm the allegations.

See more incriminating screenshots below;

Screenshots of chats with Regina Daniels’ Brother, Sammy;

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