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Monday, October 02, 2017

You Are All Beautiful! by olumide olusi

You Are All Beautiful!

All of us want to marry a beautiful woman. If a survey is taken today, we would know that most of married men took beauty, if not as the most important, but one of the most important factors they considered before marriage. And that's why if the beauty; smooth face, wide and massive gluteal, firm and round mammaries, begin to lose their form, the men too will begin to look for females who still have the aforementioned endowments in a better form. I know some won't agree with my above analysis, but that's the truth, though the definition of beauty is relative; you define what it is to you.

Digging deep into the definition of beauty, an average Nigerian man, including me, seems to have penchant for fair ladies. We think the fair ladies are beautiful. Why? What's special about fair ladies? Do they have anything special in them? Anatomically, do they possess much more structures than dark ladies? Apparently, no! There's nothing in fair ones that can be found wanting in dark ones. I don't know if it's the striking complexion of the fairs ones that make men go after them.

The attention fair ladies command in the world of men today has put much of our dark and beautiful girls on track, racing to migrate from their natural complexion to what the world want. You should take note that this pressure on them to attain the men's definition of beauty isn't the fault of the fair ones, but on the men who think you are not beautiful enough until you become white. But at the same time, the dark ones changing complexion have personality problem. Being uncomfortable with whom you are isn't a joke, but a serious issue!

The belief that fairness enhances social outlook has subjected ladies under bleaching spree. Afterwards, the quest to maintain their newly attained skin colour also subjects them under the pressure to purchasing of different cosmetic products. In fact, the use of cosmetic products for the body, especially face, is now based on the three times present in a day; morning, afternoon and night. This rigorous exercise of application and washing haven't done much for ladies to attain a perfect fair skin form. You can all testify to the fact that dark patches and dots are becoming a conventional skin features of our ladies today. It's more embarrassing when you notice a sharp contrast between the face and other parts of the body. The question is; should our girls continue like this?

Putting that aside, the attention fair ladies get hasn't done only good but bad too. Their complexion has been a contributory factor to the  hastiness of men taking them to bed, which causes a lose of integrity of their "endowments." I'm not saying dark ladies don't experience same, but just trying to pose uninteresting side of being light in complexion. I've "seen" fair girls, and aside the lightness, most of them had nothing "worthwhile" again(I'm not trying to be offensive).

In upshot, some people have debated that people that practise homosexuality have personality problem; being uncomfortable with whom you are. Thereby, arguing that people that practise same sex marriage are psychologically unstable, and such folks are not suitable to perform some tasks or serve in some capacities like military and all sorts. In the light of this, should I say ladies that change their skin colour have psychological issue or what? And if it's not psychological, I will implore people engaging in colour "migration" to accept whom they are and live a life comfortable and devoid of stress. Regardless of the colour you were born with, never feel inferior!

Olusi Olumide.
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