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Monday, August 07, 2017

BATTLE FOR LOVE2(episode 5-8)

That same day.Later in the night While they were in the guest room,i dressed to go get them something to cool to drink cos kaylee drank the last juice in thE house already)
Katie:- are u going to leave us here?
me:- i'm not leaving u..i'm only going for few minutes..i'll be back,ok?
Mercy:-- u cant go out there.at-least not tonight..
Me:-dont worry love,karnah will always be fine..ok?
Katie:-- u just hardly listen,jeez.
Kaylee:- i'll come along..
Me :- no,stay with them.i'm off( i set to exit the room)
Katie: go with God
Me:(facing her) God!?  Ion need God dear.i never did.
Katie:- now u dont talk like that ,man.
Mercy: if not for God,u wouldn't survive the last war.u were just 18 for god sake.
Me: that wasn't God at work.it was just man and some logical tactics..now lemme go.
Mercy: so all this while u never believed in God hun?
Me: listen dear!!!!!.i dont know why y'all go around giving him credits for what man does..
If God was real,he would've kept u from this accidents.
(all their faces went down after my last statement and they said nothing.i guess they already admitted defeat so i set out for the nearby supermarket,i went on foot cos it was really dark to drive..)
**few minutes later**
(i got to the store.on my way back i met a very strange man.he had a gun with him but he seemed friendly)
Man: good evening sire.i need your help
Me: what do u want from me.
Man: i'm jeff.a member of the underground strikers group.
Me: honestly' i'm a force man,a soldieR to be precised.and i've never heard of that in my entire life.
Jeff: (shows me his id card.) i assume you live around this neighbourhood so i humbly seek refuge within your home.i got stranded.
Me:- (i'm sure he isn't genuine) sorry man,i cant help u.i've got a lot of enemies within and thats enough problem for now.if they sent u to me,just tell them u never saw my shadow.
(i left his presence without plans of helping.i mean,i just heard my ladies talk about five men. Who knows of he's one of em,although i dont believe the girls.but a man has to be careful)
(as i got close to the house,i could hear creep toe steps behind me.i stopped to check it time to time but i found nobody..not until a sudden bullet hitted my leg from no where..-as in *"pooka"*)
Me: wtf!!!! (i fell to d ground. Screamed in pain..then i noticed four men come up to me)
Man 1:- (to his allies)ensure you beat him to death.we were paid to take home his corpse and that we must do..
3 men: (chorused) yes mavoldo.(they joined hands on me beating me with rods,guns,and belts and after that,mavoldo set for the final move.he had his gun on my head..he was ready to fire)
Mavoldo: i heArd you are full of surprises,so i better end u once before u do some tricks
(i felt mavoldo held his trigger against my fore head. And the next thing i felt i heard was what i called the end of me..it was loud and powerful''''
*"kpoka"* and a bullet got fired. )
To be continued

Episode 6(the logical explanation.)
"Kpoka-was the sound i heard.but gladly,it was not what i felt..mavoldo fell flat before me..the bullet came from behind.obviously,mavoldo didn't pull the trigger ,but who did" ?
Those where the thoughts running round my mind while mavoldo's allies began to shoot towards the direction.)
Me: jeff!!!!?  (i never knew i could ever be glad to see a stranger as he walked through the bullets fired at him,i noticed a bullet hit his head,but this man kept moving towards us.he seemed immortal.)
Jeff: (to the allies) let me save y'all the trouble.(he shot 3. Bullets at the mofos. And they were dropped dead.)
Me:- u use voodoo?  How & why didn't u get infected by those bullets..?
Are u a jazz mann?
Jeff:- not at all,its not any form of magic.there is a logical explanation for everything..
(he helped me up,and i led him to my house.feeling grateful he saved my life from nowhere)
@ home:
( as jeff carried me in,katie almost fell from her chair while rushing to hold me after noticing i was hurt.same as mercy..
Kaylee pulled em back and smartly held a gun against jeff)
Me: bro,put the gun down.he's more of a saviour than an enemy.i got attacked by 4 men and was 1 second away from death.but jeff showed up and  multiplied my life.
(kaylee dropped the gun and thanked jeff)
Katie & mercy: (like they planned what they chorused) u see where your stubborn head has led u hun?...u suddenly became overconfident.thats childish.

Me: this is no time for accusations. I need to get the bullet off my legs.its damn cracked.
Mercy:- i told u they are back and desperately want u,but u said its a joke
Katie:- we said go with God,but u refused only to say God is not real..guess u just got served ,man.
(kaylee brought out the kit and treated the wound thereby tracing out the bullet)
Kaylee: oh my goodness,this bullet went real deep into your damn legs boss.
How did it happened?
(i explained it all to them. From alpha to omega)
Katie:- i guess God really came through to u.i hope u understand it now.
Me: yh i do.i get it all now..GOD WORKS IN LOGICS THROUGH MEN..its all cleared out now.
Kaylee: (sights something which jeff dropped on the Center table..) jeff. I recognise this. Its a magnetic shield..tho its little but it cAn hold the walls of jericho from being cracked by all the bullets in the world..
Jeff: you are right ,boy.but it has different capacities..these one you see here can only take u so far.i use it in all my combats and i have never felt a single bullet all my life....
Katie:(interested) can u tell me about their capacities? Please
Jeff: sure..when u use the smallest size of it and get hit by a bullet,you'll be knocked down uncontious and breathless for few minutes,but you will surely be back up with your same old strength even without bleeding.u only feel the force of the bullet like a sledge hammer on your head.
Me: oh my!!!!
Jeff: the second is the one i' have here with me.it can protect u from any kind of bullet..and u wont feel it cos your body will gloom in magnetic shields that stops metals.while the final,,,,,,(katie cuts in)
Katie:- yes yes yes..its all dawned on me now.
Kaylee:- Yh..mrs lauren didnt bleed when karnah shot her head back at the academy.
Karnah: yh,she just fell unconscious and breathless .
Kaylee: she must have woke up strong again after we left and probably she saved kcee from the explosion cos karnah never shot to kill kcee...from my observations,i think she felt the shield wasnt strong enough for her.so she must have used the stronger one against katie
Katie:- thats true,if she had used the smaller one,she would've reacted to my bullets and probably been arrested ,cos it happened inside the sars premises.mehn shes damn wise.
Mercy:- they are now multiplied. They have new allies,probably from the ghetto streets
Karnah: (i burst into laughter..everyone looked at me like a lunatic) y'all are crazy.i'm sure its a bulletproof head tie that kept them from the headshots..they are back alright. But that bullet ish is a lie.
Katie: u still dont believe huh?..u are one stone headed man.(she frowned)
Jeff: u think this is a joke?
(he placed the magnetic shield on my skin. Surprisingly,it stuck to my skin.then jeff shot me about 5 bullets and then a head shot.)
Me:- are u insane?
Jeff:- relax boy!! Did u feel anything.
Me:- (surprised) wow.its all on me now..i'm in a serious war this time?
This aint no school fight to survive policy..
Jeff:- didnt u say you are a soldier?  Man, stop acting like a child.u gat the power which they dont..you're a military person,u cant go to jail if u kill a bad guy.but they can go to jail if they               hurt a common dog.
Me:- u are right man....the difference between these battle and the first is that! (so serious)They where the authority during the first battle,but now,(raising my voice)we are the authority,(developing my usual anger and rage with seriousness)we have the power..i'm a soldier,kaylee is a soldier,mercy is a licenced investigator of all armed forces,katie is a sarz officer.what else do we need.we found their source of power,now we have to find its weakness.
Mercy:- my soldier is coming back to his sences.alas
Katie: he finally got back the manly spirit..praise The creator
*to be continued*

#battle4love season2
Episode7-(the alpha of jealousy)
(well:we figured it all out,thanks to our guest,jeff.
I gladly hosted him  in one of the best rooms in the house and i ensured that he got all he needed.
Now its bed time for everyone.i was in same room  with katie)
Katie: karnah!
Me:- yes love.what is the matter.
Katie:- i think its time.
Me:- what time?
Katie:- come close and have a sit beside me.
(i obeyed her)
Me:- now what,I need to sleep.my legs still hurt so please baby,speak asap.
Katie:- karnah.we aint a couple of teenagers anymore.
I want to be a woman atlast.and i want to have that feeling tonight.
Me:-  babe. U are speaking in parables.break it down to my understanding.
Katie:- (agitated) hush now..i want you to have me tonight.i want to scream under your bossom.i want to get loose for u,tonight.i've kept my self long enough for u and i want u to have me tonight.no excuses,i mean-tonight.
Me:- (stammering) u k-ept wh-at?  U mean u are still the same untouched katie?
(she didnt respond,but had her hands on her lap and her heads bowed)
*i continue* i'm glad u are finally ready for it,but we cant do such in this condition..your legs and mine aint in the right condition yet.cant u still hold patience?
Katie: (determined) no!! I know you' wouldn't resist if the offer had come from mercy.u never resist her.now i'm ready nd u give excuses..i seriously need to break now (silent and sober) or have i lost your love?
Me:- its not like that.i just felt concerned and wanted u to enjoy your virgin status while it last.but since u chose to be stubborn.you're gonna get it tonight( i turned it all to a joke and placed her in position,gave her a wonderful romance,it was definitely the best romance session of my experience .when she got hard,we had to do the do.and she went really loud.it really was her first time and it would have been a mutual feeling if i could say the same about myself.but its not.)
*unknown to us, mercy was in the room next to where we had it and she probably couldn't sleep nor rest.katie was loud to the fullest and her screams kept mercy awake.she felt okay with the act we pulled on,but trust me when i say "no woman can be ok when a man she feels for is having it with another woman.even if the  other woman is the main wife*
Mercy: (soliloquising) oh karnah.u finally had her.
*two weeks after*
(katie and mercy refused to return to their various homes and work. They felt its unsafe cos the enemies are back and they dont wanna get hurt again..
Jeff was out of the house already,but we communicate well.
Now  kaylee and i already returned to work.leaving katie and mercy both at home together.they've been physically healed already so they do go out individually from time to time)
*at home*
mercy: (neatly dressed and flash looking) katie i'll be right back.i need to handle somethings at work.
Katie: alright.please dont stay long.i'm not okay alone here.
(mercy left the house,leaving katie alone..)
Part b
(Mercy left with the mindset of going to work,but she had a reason to change that on the way..she drove across the same van which had attacked her weeks ago and she went on its tail.
She followed the van till it got to its destination where those in it came out and climbed up the stairs of a building.mercy stealthily followed them till she got inside the building where she saw mrs lauren and some men discussing on some kind of business transactions""""their discussion went thus,,,,,,,
* to be continued*

#battle4love season2
Episode 8-part A.(enemies preparation)
Man:- yes madam.its rare to come across and demands for strict licence to be used..i ship them into this country once in a year and i only sell them to worthy clients like u.
Mrs l:- yes sir,thats true.but,i'll need more of that device.i have but few minions and i wont like to loose any more of em to that pest of a kid.he almost killed me in the last 2 years but i survived,thanks to the device.its really valuable.
Man:- that is no problem.we've been into business together for long now..
for your sake,i'll control two ships this year.but it'll cost u money.
Mrs l:- i'll pay u any ammount,as long as my plans for that fool will be fertile.he destroyed my academy's reputation.it took me trillions of dollars to arrange killing licences for all the students there.tho it was fun. Watching them kill each other in combats but that pest destroyed it all.now i must do anything to get rid of both himself and his allies.he wont survive this.
part b..(the conspiracy)
(she rises from her sit to get a glass of water.then she sliped And nearly fell,the water poured on her right there ,thereby making her guest remember something)
Man:_ madam. U need to be careful always. Especially with water.
Mrs l:- but why? Why especially water?
Man:- water or any liquid melts the magnetic current that flows within the areas of the device,so as we speak now,the device is probably red (inactive/ruined..) u need to change it.ASAP.
(on hearing this,mercy felt lucky. She had Her pistol in her hands and a bottle of juice which she took from the house as refreshment .she had straight access to shoot to kill lauren .she thereby made her move.)
Mercy: (steps out of her hiding spot.) lauren!!!  (she called out pointing the pistol)
Man: whats going on here?
Who are u?
(he asked mercy)
Mrs l: ask no question but seize her.(she cried out)
(mercy seem to have received more morale through her job she had more action than ever and that made her at that moment, a man in a woman form)
Man: drop that gun.its of no use against us.
(mercy suspected that he also had the device on him,so,she acted according to what she heard him say earlier)
Mercy:- mybgun can never be useless in this kinda case.(she had non-time to open-the bottle and pour its content on the man cos he was already close to holding her down so she used a different strategy)
Mercy:(throwing the bottle at the man) hey !! Catch this first.( as the bottle rolled in the air and reached few inches towards the face of the man,mercy shot 3bullet. One went up and blasted the bottle,thereby unleasing the liquid on the man's suite and body..that damaged the magnet shield device thereby making him mortal again.
Second bullet hitted his right arm But the device wasnt fully down yet so the bullet had no effect.
So the last bullet struck his legs and he fell down,groaning in pain.)
Mercy:(pointing at mrs lauren.). I got u all to myself now.
(the boys who she followed in earlier had left. So mrs lauren had no godamn back up and she had no device to keep her safe from mercy's gun..hmm..mercy was just 99% close to saving me mich trouble and stress..all she had to do was to pull the goddamned trigger and end the life of terror from lauren)
*they both stood,facing each other eye to eye with a gun in mercy's hands for about 10 minutes.
Like why is she yet to pull the trigger?..she's wasting-time..**
Mercy:( finally speaks.). I need your help.
(what! What help is she in need of?)
*to be continued*

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