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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 6 to 10)

the clever substitute

Episode 6 to 10
episode 6
*the next day morning*
(scene opens with kemi in her room folding up
some cloths as mercy walks in with a sad face
,already dressed for school)
kemi:- my daughter,what is it this time?
mercy:- daddy has refused to drop the balance
for my ssce fee.
kemi:- (exclaims) has it gotten to this level?
mercy:- mun,are you to be asking me such
dont u talk to your husband.
all this while,u keep telling me that he'll soon
realise.when will that be?
is it until i repeat the ssce exam or when i drop
out of school?
i need answers mum.
kemi:- i do talk to him..but he doesnt listen.. if it
was that i gave birth to u before or after
meshach,he would have sent both of us out
saying u are a bastard..but u are lucky that you
both came at once..so just accept what fate has
to offer and let God do his wonders..
mercy:- all what u just said is rubbish
,mum..honestly,its rubbish..will fate bring money
for my exam?
or if u give me the money from your own
pocket,will daddy kill u?
kemi:- i wish i could,but 50,000 isnt a small
ammount..if i have,i'll give to u..
mercy:- so you're indirectly saying i wont be
priviledged to write this exam,right.
kemi:- lets just pray and hope your father turns
mercy:- okay o..
(she walks out and stands by the lobby outside
kemi's room)
mercy:- (soliloquising) is it a crime that i was
born into this family as a girl?(stays quiet and
restless for a minute)
well,i have made up my mind..i'll let the girls
remould me.as long as i'll be trained to stand for
myself,becausenwith the way thing are going in
this house ehn,i will have no future if i wait..
(she picks her bag and exit the house)
*story continues*

episode 7
(@ school)
meshach: guys i'm having a lot on my mind now.
simon:- what can be on your mind? you're drunk
david:- yh..and drinkers dont think.especially
when drunk..
moses:- you fools,no one is drunk here.if u are
drunk,u wont even have consciousness for the
words u speak.. this discussion is far too
reasonable for drunkards.
meshach:- i'm serious guys.my sister isn't
feeling real good.she's probably thinking and
crying somewhere as usual right now..
simon:- you seem really worried about her tho..
david:- the poor girl
moses:- she must be really having a hard time...
meshach:- dad said i shouldn't bother to think of
her anymore.
david:- i'm not surprised tho..your dad is a royal
offspring.so its obvious that they value male
children ober the females.
meshach:- thats true.i never thought of that
moses:- (jokes) who knew david can ever say
something this good
david:-(offended) what is that suppose to mean?
meshach:- guys calm down..lets just go out to
the field and play a little.
(they exit)
later @ the school canteen
mercy:- girls.i'm sorry i ran off yesterday.i just
didn't feel alright..
sarah:- we know that..what we need to do now
is figure out a way to get your exam fee
dami:- and i don't think i own any certain amount
to give to u.
dora:- neither do i.
mercy:- so what can i do now?
sarah:- dont worry girl,we've got your back dear..
dora:- there are things we do whenever we need
things our parents are not able to give to us.
mercy:- like?
dami:- don't worry,we'll put u through.
mercy:- pls girls.anything at all,i'm ready to play
along..i dont want my education to crash here..
sarah:- well then.you have to follow us to the
ghetto today u will experience how we fight for
ourselves on the streets.are u going to come
with us?
mercy:- like i said .i am ready to play along..so
far it'll help my current situation..
dami:- very good my friend..prepare to go wild
and bad.
*story continues*

episode 8
dora:-that will be after school closes.
mercy:- that'll be a long time.
why cant we go now?
sarah:- relax na. why the rush?
dami:- she is in the spirit already..lets move out
sarah:- okay o..go get your school bag and lets
go cos u wont be back anytime soon.
(they all exit scene at once)
+*later on the street*+
(the girls have been walking for a long time
mercy:- when will we get to the place na..my
legs are aching right now.
sarah:- ajebutter life sha..how much distance
have we even covered yet. we are just getting
dami:- you are complaining of leg ache. do u
have money to pay for transport?
mercy:- no i dont.
sarah:- then be strong and keep moving..never
quit ,no matter how far u are from your
destination.you can only be victorious if u keep
up the struggle and never give up.
mercy:- thanks my friend...i have a feeling that
statement will help someday.
dora:- well.i think thats lesson 1 for the street
life..but i'm also tired of walking...
dami:- so what do we do now.
dora:- don't worry.i gat this under control.
sarah:- how?
dora:- the runs girl's style.stand back and watch
(she walked closer to the roadside and waved at
cars driving by..as she waved over about 4
cars,a man driving with his friend beside him
finally stopped to give her attention.)
man:-hello damsel.good afternoon.
(as the man stopped and spoke to dora,the other
girls stood speechless in surprise with their
mouth opened)
dora:- i am fine sir.
man:- i see u need a lift,right
dora:- yes sir.and my friends too.
man:- well,anything for a blessed girl like u..you
girls come in.lets go
man 2:- yh. come on in.
dora:-(to the girls) are u girls deaf.lets go.
(they all got in and the man drove off the scene)
*in the car*
dora:- (whispers to mercy) see that? thats what
we call,using what u have to get what u
want..out on the street.you have to use what u
have to get what u want.nothing comes for free
sarah:- (overhearing dora) yes.everything has a
mercy:- (nodding in amusement) it all makes
sence.thats another tip.thanks.
*story continues*
episode 9
(the girls finally alighted from the car)
dami:- come dora..when u become road side
dora:- since my parents no longer give me
transport fee.
sarah:- no be small thing sha.i'm glad that the
ride saved us a long distance trek..
dami:- so where do we trace the street-lord to?
saRah :- just lets go..i'm sure i know where he
can be At the moment..
(they walked u to an old looking house.
the house was not a fashionable type.mercy had
never seen such building before,so that made
her a bit frightened)
+*inside the house*+
(here,we introduce the streetlord known as pablo
and the boss lady herself known as susana
these 2 have the entire ghetto under their finger
sarah:- oga pablo.
Pablo:- lil babes.what brings u here? i cant
remember calling for u girls.
sarah:-yes sir.u didnt call us.
Pablo:- well,i dont have a task for u girls this
dami:- oga pablo,forget task first .u should know
we wont be here if not cos we need help.
dora:- we are not looking for tasks today..
Pablo:- so what do u want from me today?
sarah,dora&dami:-(chorus)we need help.
Pablo:- this help that you are all chorusing ehnn..
sarah:- boss na.just hear us out.
Pablo:- well.u have to wait here till i get back.i
have somewhere to be right now..
sarah:- i hope u wont stay out long
Pablo:- if u really need help,you'll wait till
whenever i return..
(pamela walks in)
pamela:-pablo.i've been waiting outside for a
while now.hurry
sarah:- boss lady..
pamela:- sarah..sharp girl..i see u...
Pablo:-(to the girls) feel at home girls..u know
its also your house..
(he walks out with pamela)
mercy :- (finally speaking) girls..i think i'll leave
sarah:- are u alright?
mercy:- no.i have a bad feeling about this
place.its creepy.
dami:- this creepy place u are seeing right now,is
the place where you'll achieve all u ever want to.
dora:- just hold on till he gets back.he probably
has a mission to carry out
mercy:- what type of mission do u refer to?
dora:- u know,like political violence,street
protest,opposition attack,
or maybe he has someone to eliminate
mercy:-(frightened) jesus!! please get me out of
sarah:- (laughs) girl,quit being so gullible.you
cant face life like this .
dami:- lesson 3.be bold at all situation..tackle
fear with confidence..
dora:- btw ,i was just kidding.he doesn't kill.
mercy:- you scared me with that.
dora:- but he kidnaps and can beat one nearly
half to death..
dami:- dont u watch or read ghetto stories?
you should know how we deal with everyday
ghetto lifestyles na.
sarah:- don't worry..i'll get her a c-d for her to
mercy:- thanks girls.i dont know how life will be
without u guys..
dora:- ok o..lets show u some places around
here...shall we?
mercy:- yes please.
(they all left the place and returned 4 hours
mercy:- is he back yet?
sarah:- obviously he's not.
mercy:- (noticing that shes been off for too long)
oh God .i'm late already..my dad will kill me
today.my mum will prolly be worried right now..
sarah:- (gives her a
sterning look)
mercy:- oh.. i shouldnt fear that ..i'm sure my
dad doesnt care anyways..
dami:- thats better..you're getting along just fine
**story continues**

episode 10...
pablo:- its been 6 hours since i left.how come u
are still here?
dont u have anything doing at home?
sarah:- we told u we need help...we cant leave
here without even telling u what we came for.
pamela:- what exactly brought u here.
dora :- well,firstly.we need to borrow some
money for someone.
dami:- our friend.
pablo:- how much are we talking about.
sarah:- 50k
pablo:- ah!! thats no chicken change tho.
pamela:- yh,what does she need it for? thats too
sarah:- actually ,we____
pablo:-(cuts in). i'll love to hear her speak for
pamela:- she seem shy tho..
dami:- shes not shy.she's just probably
observing..u know its her first time here...right ?
(she taps mercy)
mercy:- (grabs courage) oh,yes..i'm just not used
to this type of company..
pamela:- well,u dont look bad my dear..whats
your name and what do u need such amount of
cash for
mercy:- i'm mercy..and i just need the money to
balance my exam fee.
pamela:- don't u have parents that can help u
with that?
mercy:- at times,life can be a jungle.and when in
the jungle,its every man for himself.i am left with
no choice but to fend for my academics by
myself.my parents dont matter at all,in this case.
pablo:- interesting..you seem very clever.
pamela:- and wise..
pablo:- you will have the money today..but there
is a condition attached to it.
mercy:- and that is?
pablo:-you'll work for me.as one of my
mercy:- i am ready to serve
pablo:- well then..you're lucky i just had a
successful gamble at my outing this
afternoon,else,there would've been no money.
(he dips handa into his cross bag and brings out
a bundle of cash.he tossed it over to her) thats
mercy:-(feeling amused by the money) thanks
alot mr pablo..
pamela:- you are welcome..
pablo:- yh.and prepare for your first task tonight.
mercy:- alright boss.i'll serve with all my might..
(pablo and pamela exits the scene)
sarah:- u surprise me sha
mercy:- how?
sarah:- how come u figured out lesson 4 by your
mercy:- hmm..as we went out some hours ago
and you girls showed me some around..i saw
things my dear,u showed me things that opened
my eyes.all those poor little kids out there on the
streets causing trouble,picking pockets and
snatching purses.remember i asked u if they had
parents and u said they do,but parents in the
ghetto give birth to kids and leave em on the
streets to fend for themselves.thats how i
calculated and got to know that,right from
birth,i've been in the same shoes as those kids
dami:- i understand u joor..
dora:- you're going to be reborn today.
sarah:- now its u for yourself,my dear.and the 4
of us for ourselves.
mercy:- thats that already.now girls tell me,what
kind of task do u think pamela was talking
*story continues*

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