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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 36 to 40)

The clever substitute
Episodes 36

Man 1:- (to his partner) don jay,I'm sure he's here.
Don Jay: yh. I also saw his car turned in here. Probably someone saved him.
Man 1: we can't let him live,we have to go in there and finish up what we started.
DON jay:-of course I won't let him live.how can he lay with my wife and even impregnate her and expect I'll let him live. No way. (Dips Hand into a bag ) take this injection. Work your way into his ward and do your thing. Don't let me down.
Man1:- alright boss. (He runs into the hospital.)
Mercy:- (draws david away from the scene to a private place) did u hear that?they want to finish what They started
David:- hello,I pointed that out earlier
Mercy:- oh no.call the police
David:- no no no. My uncle said its not proper to call Nigerian police in this type of Case.
Mercy:- gosh your uncle sounds dumb.(shouts) Call the police. This situation warrants that.
David;- don't yell here, that don jay is still out there,he might hear u
Mercy:- may thunder strike the  don jay(yells again) call the cops
David: hold on a minute. Mercy, that's don jay, right?
Mercy:- (yells)what a foolish question.
David:- for crying out loud, don jay kidnapped Meshach..yes yes yes (snaps) that's the name moses mentioned. I can't mistake it
Mercy:- (in a low tone) wait a minute,you do know the nappers name. Your friends told u...
David:- yh I did ask them for it on that day after u ran off stupidly
Mercy:- oh lawd. What do we do now?
David:- (chuckles) call the police
Mercy:- no kidding man. I'm Deam serious.
Mercy:- then think of something ,you're the clever one. You've been through real life action and all I do is play commando and fight tigers with my uncle..
Mercy:-(amazed) fight tiger's?
David:- hey, will you rather ask me dumb questions or think of saving your awful dad and my weak friend?
Mercy:- I've gat a plan, but one of us needs to have at least one weapon.but how can we get that?
David:- (chuckles)hmmmm. (Puts on a smirk)
*story continues


The clever substitute
Episode 37

Mercy:- why are u looking like that. No time to spare.
David:-what's your plan?
Mercy:- we'll split and (pause)
David:- look. Those thugs napped Meshach and now they wanna kill your dad. This needs caution ,we have to follow em to know their base.
Mercy:- that gives me an idea. I'll find a way to save Martin and you'll follow em, you're better at driving.but u need to be careful so you'll not get caught and that's why I suggested a weapon
David:- no worries. Go help your dad. I've got my friend's back on this one.go in, I'll wait in the car for your return, we'll do this this as one
Mercy:- why can't u go Alone? U scared.
David:- no!!  I just want u to witness why my uncle called me a little viper
(They Ran separate ways to carry out their different roles.
As david ran, he slipped before don jay and almost collided with him but he was fast and swift enough to make a slight dodge)
David:- I'm so so sorry Sir.
Don jay:- you nasty kids,better be careful how u play around. You may hit an unfriendly  person next time.
David:- thank you sir
(Inside the hospital.
Man 1 was already at Martin's ward dressed as a doctor. He had his injection fixed on sleeping Martin's skin and was about to induce the venom into him so he won't wake to life again)
Mercy:- (bursts in) hey!!!  What the hell are u trying to do?
Man1:- shut up kid, I'm a doctor here, now Go out and let me finish up my work
Mercy:- you're not a doctor here. You're the guy I saw out there talking to don jay
Martin:- (gains a little consciousness) don___ (couldn't say more)
Man 1:- oh, you fool. U woke him with your noise- you've ruined everything
Mercy:-(shouts) doctor, nurse,security. Help (she kept on shouting)
(Man1 runs out with speed avoiding the hospital security officers)
Outside the hospital
Man1:- boss, we have To leave ASAP. Plan failed. The security are on us.
Don jay;- fuck up. Run to the car ASAP let's get out of here.
(David was set Martin's car as he viewed all their actions as they ran out.then, mercy joined him running)
David:- tighten your belts o. Today's driving  is going to be rough
*to be continued*

The clever substitute
episode 38

Mercy:- no no no..no rough driving.remember we want to follow them to where to where Meshach is kept.
David:- with the look of things,i hope they haven't killed him tho.
Mercy:- just shut up and drive
(David drove after them but not too close. But soon, don jay got to suspect a vehicle on their tail )
Don jay:- I've been seeing this car CAR behind us for quite a while now. I have to check it out.
Man 1:- boss, That's Mr Martin's car.
Don jay:- then_pull over. Let's check it out.
Man 1:- what if they are police officers driving after us?
Don jay;- then we release fire on them.. Come on.lets go down
(In Martin's car)
Mercy:- they pulled over,seems they they noticed us
David:- yh. I can see that. I'm gonna pull over too
Mercy:- they are stepping down. They're coming towards too
David:- I can see that too.
mercy:- so what should we do?
David:-let's step down too because If they get close here, there may be a violent attack
(They both stepped down and moved towards them. )
Man 1:- hold on boss, that's the girl that sabotaged the entire plan
Don jay':-(recognized david) and that's the boy who almost hitted me while playing around
David:- (closes in on them) hello sirs
Man 1:- who are u two and what gives u the courage to be on our tail don't u fear to die?
Mercy:- I am the daughter of Mr Martin, the man who's life you're after.
Don jay:- (laughs) u wish.Martin has no daughter. Or else you happen to be one of many of his substitute children who are all females
Mercy: he may have never spoke about me to anyone. But I have a better way to introduce myself. I am Mercy the twin of the boy you kidnapped
Don jay:- how did u know I kidnapped him?
Man1:-boss, don't question her, waste them both so they won't live to exposé us.
Don jay:- true. Go get the gun from the car
(Man 1 Runs to their car and return empty handed)
Man 1: boss.the gun isn't in the car
Don jay;- how come?(spits) anyways, let's get them into our car trunk ASAP.
Man 1:- alright
(They made sharp attempt to napp the kids, but it will never be easy.
Mercy and david pulled out a gun each and pointed to the bad guys to protect their selves
Mercy was so surprised to see david with a gun.likewise david)
Mercy & david;- how did u get a gun?
Don jay:- (recognized his gun in David's hands) how did my gun get to u?
*story continues"*

The clever substitute. Episode 39

Man1:- that's my gun with the girl.
Mercy: - hmmmm. You're armless now.
David:- so you still want to put us in your car trunk?
Don jay:- quick man.let's get out of here
(They Ran into their car and zoomed off)
Mercy:- our plan of getting Meshach is now a waste. We lost their track Now
David:- totally, we can't follow them again they'll change route since they know we're on them.
Mercy;- by the way, how did u get his gun?
David:- simple. By following a viper's tactics
Mercy:- and that is?
David:- by striking the tiger from a close distance. I faked a slide Earlier against don jay at the hospital,then I saw quick with my strike. I took his weapon and rendered him powerless and I placed him in a line with his doom
Mercy:- how did u place him on doom, he just escaped.
David,:- chill,how did u Get the man's gun
Mercy:- the gun dropped from him after he hitted me on his way running out.but that's of no value._what do we do now,,?
David:- now is a good time to call the police
Mercy:- on what ground?
David:- after I took out Jay's gun, I dropped my phone in his pocket. The police can locate him ASAP with the GPS location on the phone. We need them to take urgent action on that before he notices the phone
Mercy:- gosh!!! Indeed, you're a viper.but I don't have a phone on me.
David :- neither do I.
Let's go back to the hospital we might get one there
*story continues*

The clever substitute
Episode 40

(2 Days later at the hospital..
There was a gathering of Mr Martin, kcee,king david, kemi, Meshach and mercy,a doctor and a nurse ,2 police officers and the handcuffed don jay)
Doctor:-mr Martin was very lucky to have been brought here on time, else, we wouldn't have enough time to take absolute care of him.
Mr Martin:- yes doctor. I have to give all the credit to this young and clever kids.especially my daughter
Kemi:- oh,so now u have a daughter abi?
Mercy:- oh mother.  (Laughs)
Mr Martin:- all the reason behind my actions are based on the strength of a man, I had to fight to take back my father's properties, I fought the battle those days,a battle which none of my sisters could take on and right from then, I began to see them as a waste of sperm
So just imagine there comes a reason for my kids to fight in order to keep my home I felt it's better to have strong men that will inherit me and protect what I,big Joe Martin ,stands for.
But unfortunately, my son became the timid and weak one while the girl I took as an ordinary substitute, turned out to be the man of the house. She saved me from dying despite all I did, it got to a stage where I almost had her killed.
Police 1:- well, that should stand as a lesson to the general public tho. No child should experience discrimination. They are gifts from God and we have the strength to mould them into that which we imagine them to be. Besides, you seem to rely on the strength of a man, not all men are as clever as women. And you've forgotten that what a man does, a woman can do better. Your daughter here is a living testimony to that.(to david) little viper, son of the Almighty El'karnah here is your phone.I hope That WITH this great skill of yours, you'll join a military force soon, just like your dad. He'll be proud of you.
David:- hell no. I am the architect of my own future and from now i say no to gun works. I want to be a lawyer.its time the dennisons take l a break from gun works. (Looks at kcee)
Kcee:- you're right boy.either way, we are all proud of u. (To the police officers) would u mind excusing us. Please.. You may take the criminal away now. Make sure he sees the gates of prison.
(The officers left WITH don jay. Now leaving kcee, david and the entire Ade family members )
Kcee:- look Martin. I don't need u to tell me before I know that you're still into shady deals. You showed an act of irresponsibility.only an irresponsible man refuses to take care of his offspring. Any man with a good record wouldn't do that
Do u know that your action has consequences, your daughter who could have had a very normal childhood but instead you created a chance for her to have an abnormal experience.
Martin;- I was blind. But now I can see
Kemi:- I knew you'll finally open your eyes.  But it really pained me to see how u treated her with such hatred
Meshach:-(after being quiet for long)I just don't know what to say to this
Mercy:- honestly, all their discussion is boring me already.
David:- no kidding. I've got to be at school now. Its almost tutorial time.
Mercy:- then let's get going.my friends haven't seen me since the last incidence
Meshach:- I'll be right behind you guys.
Martin':- mercy. You don't have to see Pablo again, I'll pay settle your debt to him
Mercy:- okay,sir..(breathes) okay dad
(They followed each other out)
Martin's;- I've missed a lot already
Kcee:- well, its up to you to restore what u missed. I've got work to do(he walks out too)
Kemi:- I'm happy things are normal after over 16 years of problem between us.
Martin;- thank God tho. I've learnt and i won't involve my self with any other man's woman again.
Kemi:- better.since you're discharged, let's go home u need to rest for long at home
Martin:- yh,and in the meantime, you'll be heading the family's company works
Kemi;- ( smiles) finally. I'm going to start working
Martin:- yes..women are not just meant for the kitchen and bedroom. They're help mates in every aspect of a man's life.
(They both smiles and walked out of the hosoital).

*the end*

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Story by
Meshach El'karnah oluwatosin
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