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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 31 to 35)

: The clever substitute
Episode 31
(Shege soon got to mercy.tried tricking her to
get into the car, but mercy was smart)
Mercy:- this is my father's car ,I can't enter it.
Shege;- but your dad isn't here, just get in so I'll
drop u off,
Mercy:- (raising her voice) is it by force?
I will take a cab, or are u trying to force me? It
won't work
Shege:- (Remembered Martin told him not to
cause commotion WITH her on the Street) u
leave me no choice...
Mercy:- u mean??
(He drops from the car and walked to her.
He slightly showed her the gun in his suits inner
pocket.but it was a great shock to him after
seeing her reaction )
Mercy:-(chuckles) I see you're trying to kidnap
me for real, but listen to me, u can't scare me
with that thing you're hiding there, and by the
way, I know Martin must have sent u after me.
Shege:- do u want to die? I said get inside the
car now, I will not hesitate to kill u
Mercy:- really? You want to kill me. A supposed
daughter of your boss?
Shege:- for your info, he doesn't care if I kill u on
this case. Get into the car now.or we can do this
the easy way, tell me the name of the nappers
and I'll let u live.else I'll be forced to manhandle
Mercy:- (laughs and hides her supposed fear ,just
as her friends taught her.) Look, honestly I have
no name to give u .I myself, I forgot to seek the
name from those who heard it.
Shege:- well tell me those that heard it.
Mercy:-(thinking of a way to escape this
interrogation alive ) look, I can't tell u that. Cos u
will start threatening the innocent people's
Shege:- u can't tell me ahbiii!! No wahalla. I'll
have to handle u the way I know best..
(He pulled the bag in her hand,threw it to the
ground then gripped her by the hair)
Mercy:- (screams) stop, you're hurting me
Shege:- I'm not hurting u yet, this is just a tip of
the iceberg
Mercy:- (fighting his hands off her hair)you're
gonna regret this somehow. I swear
(He opened the car door and pushed her in,
thereby punching her face. Even in her pains, she
noticed he had posed the same way kamal did
when they tried raping her. She tried to fight
back the way she did to kamal, but the punches
were fast approaching one after the other...
She had no chance to breath not to even fight
At this point, she had no choice than to reveal
the information within her that made her
important for the first time to her father.)
Story continues .

Episode _32
Mercy:- I'll talk(screams)
Shege:- (seizing the punch he was about to drop
on her) better for you.now start talking.
(We all have seen many cases whereby they
torture people and they confess the offense they
never committed. So unfortunate for them tho)
Mercy:- it mr__ ( coughs )
Shege:- Mr what?
Mercy:-(still coughing)
Shege:- I give u two minutes to catch your
breath and then talk before I loose my grip again
(Still hanging the punch on the air)
Mercy:-(coughs for two minutes and finally got
get respiration together but the pains were still
active ) now what?
Shege:- I gave u two minutes to catch your
Mercy:- that was all I needed in order to kick
your sorry ass..
Shege:-( couldn't believe what he heard) after all
the torture, u still won't talk hun?
Mercy:- go to hell,(spits on him)
Shege:- you bastard(he releases a slap on her)
Mercy:- {feigns an ugly frown) u monster!!!!
( she dragged her hair pin off her hair and stabs
it underneath shege's jaw and drew it to harshly
tear him, delivers a kick to his balls as she did to
kamal and then while he held his bleeding jaw,
she had slipped the gun off his suit. It was all a
reflex Action as quick as a tiger)
Shege:-( tried talking but the pin had made
damages to his vocal cords)
Mercy:- who has the power now?
The big main man or the little substitute girl?..
Shege:-(stretches his hands signalling for her
Mercy:- helping you is suicide. But if
eventually,Someone helps u out of this and u get
well,I'm sure you'll Never molest me. But if it
happens, you'll end up just as smart did.
Shege:- ( now realising that mercy was among
the girls who made the transaction the other
Mercy;- (cleans her print from the gun,disarmed
it and dumped it on him. Then she left the scene
still with her pain)
(Won't be surprised if most of u thought mercy
was gonna say the name. Remember she wasn't
told the name and she doesn't know it at all. At
least not yet.
*story continues

Episode 33
Mercy:- (phone call) hello mum.
Kemi:- ah!! My daughter, where are U? Your aunt
said you're not at her place yet.why?
Mercy:- mum, I won't be going there anymore.
Its not safe, besides,I almost got killed by shege.
Dad sent him
Kemi;- ah !!! Has it come to that!?
Mercy:- mum as I am talking to u now,I still have
bruises all upon my face
Kemi:- how did u escape? And where are you
Mercy:- Mum those question don't matter right
now. The point is that I'm in a safe place. I'm
protected here. Okay?
Kemi:- okay o. But wherever u are_don't shift
your attention from your studies
Mercy:- don't worry mum. They are still my
(Hangs up)
Pamela:- your dad must be a very nasty man for
him not to notice the gift God gave to him in
form of a daughter.
Mercy:- thank u
Pamela:- just feel at home here,alright? Anything
bothers u just alert me.
[7/8, 05:59] El'karnah Meshach: *3 days later*
(Martin in the office WITh secretary).
Secretary:- boss how far with your missing son?
Martin:- same old story. I've searched, but I
couldn't find. I've organized my goons and raided
so many of my suspects but still no luck. And
mercy is no where to be seen.
Secretary:- who's mercy?
Martin:- she's my daughter
Secretary:- u never said u have a daughter. Sir.
How does she relate to this issue?
Martin:- well,she heard Meshach shout the name
of the nappers and now she has refused to
reveal the name to me..
Secretary:- well,she must have a really huge
reason to hide such information that is meant to
help save her brother..and what have u done to
make her talk?
Martin:- u see,that's what baffles me the most. I
threatened her, but she feared me not,instead
she blamed me forz meshach's kidnap,she
walked out on me and the next day, she packed
her things and since then, I've not heard from
her. Even my bouncer I sent after her,till now, he
can't even voice a word
Secretary:- how come!?
Martin:- her hair pin was found under his jaw.
She stabbed him harshly and tore his neck with
Secretary;-that sounds like something you'll
do.she must have received that spirit from u.
[7/8, 06:05] El'karnah Meshach: (Sighs) if only it
was Meshach who got such spirit. Look, I'm
getting sick because of this, look at me, 8i used
to be a big joe. Now I'm shrinking to sticks
Secretary:- boss, Remember u once told me
about a team u had while u were in the military
academy. And u fought a very huge battle,
tracking people down, etc.
Martin:- yh_so why are u talking about that now.
Secretary:- well, I was thinking they may have a
way to help in this. You have to give this a try,
your son depends on this ..
Martin:- so will I have to seek my old friend now?
(Sighs) hmmmm!! Kcee.
*Story continues*

Episode 34
(Next day at school Gate)
Sarah:- I'm not surprised
Dami:- me neither
Dora:- at all.
Mercy:- I' don't know what to do anymore. Even
the exam I worked so hard for, I can't focus on
Sarah:- look at the bright side, your dad will
surely learn how to appreciate you. If he had
treated u well right from the onset, there
wouldn't have been a problem in getting any
information he needs at all..
Mercy:-anyhow sha.(hiss) yet it's not like I even
have the information o.
Dami: (laughs) let the man keep foolish himself
Dora:- (holds mercy on the shoulder) my friend
no worry, you are untouchable. Nothing fit harm
Mercy;- I'm not untouchable o. Didn't u see what
shege did to me ?
Dami:- we saw that. But you gave it back to him
in thousand fold
Dora:- he won't dare such again
Sarah:-(laughs) u think he'll try it again? Even if
na van damm experience this kind thing with u,
he'll never go NEar danger again..my friend, you
are the real danger..
Mercy:- let's skip that. Is david here yet?
Dora:- no, but his friends said, his uncle will
bring him to school today.
Mercy:-hope so.
[7/8, 07:25] El'karnah Meshach: (As the girls
kept on with their gist, two cars drove and
parked right in front of each other in front of the
girls.pne from the left ,the other from the right)
Dora:- I don't think we're safe outside, let's go
Mercy :- no. I want to know what he's up to.
Dami: who?
Mercy:- that's my dad at with the car on the left
Sarah:- are u sure u want to wait and see
Dora: (cuts in) mercy look. David is in the other
car.. That man must be his uncle
(Martin came down from His car, likewise david
and his uncle kcee)
Kcee:-You' lost a lot of weight
Martin: and is that how u greet an old friend
Kcee:- sorry man, long time. Haven't seen U
since we all had our omega battle.how have u
Martin:- well I was fine, but not right now, we
really need to talk. Very urgent,I traced u all the
way here because it's very urgent
Kcee:- well we can fix an appointment for later in
the day, I'm really busy now, how are your kids ?
(Mercy listened attentively to hear his reply on
Martin: my kids huh.
I have a problem and it's about my son we'll talk
about it in a more comfortable place.(notices
david) and who is this young chap here?
Kcee:- that's king david the son of Karnah
Martin:- that explains the resemblance tho...
Kcee:- okay, big Joe, I've got to go. We chat By
12 pm at the cafe behind kings estate
Martin:- good. I live at kings estate
Kcee:-that's good. We talk later. GATS to run.
(Faces david) now go into your school, young
David:- alright.but stop calling me a viper Uncle
anaconda (chuckles and walks off.
Martin watched the young boy walk away and
soon notices that he was walking toward mercy
whom he didn't see before. Their eyes jammed)
Kcee :- (¶oints a card) that's my number) I'm off
( kcee drove off)
Martin:-( soliloquy) now it's time I capture her
[7/8, 07:37] El'karnah Meshach: (Mercy and the
girls saw Martin coming their way)
David:-mercy, why is that man looking at U?
Mercy:- please guys ,don't walk away, stay close
for ion know what he's up to.
(He pulls out a gun and aims to shoot her,
surprisingly the girls all formed a shield on
Martin:- cowards, leave my sight, I only came to
take my daughter home
David: (who stood aside) is it proper for u to
take someone home with the use of a gun ?
And besides ,when my uncle asked about your
kids. You only spoke of your son. Now what
exactly is your game here
Martin:- shut up kid (don't be as dumb as your
David:- don't try disregarding my dad. He's a
better man compared to u. I know you're big Joe
,from the stories. You almost killed me when I
was s child.
Martin:- I didn't come here for this
(At this point, there was a screeching sound of
car tires and then, a gunshot followed
Someone got shot in this scene)
*To be continued*
Who do u think got shot and why do U think so

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Episode 35
(Martin fell to the ground bleeding as the car
drove away.
Everyone of the girls ran away except for mercy
and david.
David stood with his usual frown as mercy stares
at the car as it drives away.
[7/8, 15:38] El'karnah Meshach: Martin didn't die
through this, the shot was agauhe fell to the
ground bleeding profusely )
Martin:-(arrrh) help (stretches one hand to
David:- (to mercy) so what now?
Mercy:- ineed you to drive
[7/8, 15:57] El'karnah Meshach: Will u?
David:-no problem.(soft tone) my uncle got Me
my license yesterday
Mercy:- but you are just close to 17.
David:- hey talk less and let's carry him before
he dies here.
( they dragged Martin to his car and david drove
em to the nearby hospital)
Later on the roadside
(Mercy and david had already dropped Martin off
at the hospital and he is being treated presently.
Mercy and David chose to walk outside as they
talked about things)
David;- (after hearing the whole story) still don't
know why u chose to save him instead of letting
him die.he almost killed u
Mercy:- believe me, I'lld have loved to watch him
die in my presence, but for my mum's sake I
have to let him live
[7/8, 16:05] El'karnah Meshach: David:- yh. We
all have to succumb to our mum's wishes at
times. But as for me ,I love my dad more.
Mercy:- you're joking right? Dad's are awful
David:- trust me, my dad is different. He's cool.
Maybe you'll see him soon.
Mercy:- probably..
(Two men walks into the hospital )
David:- that glove (Signals mercy to look at the
direction of the men) that's the exact glove from
the hand that shot your dad through the car
Mercy:- how can?
David:- your friends ran away, you stared at your
dad and I looked at the car. I've gat
photographic memories.
[7/8, 16:06] El'karnah Meshach: Mercy:- what do
we do now?
David:- obviously they are here to finish what
they started. Your dad's not safe here
*story continues*

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