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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 26 to 30)

The clever
Episode 26
@ the Ade's residence
Kemi:- martin why do you keep destroying
everything in this house?
Mr martin:- that's none of your business woman.
Leave me alone before I focus my frustrations on
(Mercy walks in).
Mercy:- good afternoon mum.why are u shouting
this loud?
Kemi:- its your dad that wants to destroy
everything in this house.
Mercy:- mummy, that Isnt a big deal right now.
Meshach got kidnapped
[7/5, 23:02] El'karnah Meshach: Mr Martin;-
what!?? How can?
Mercy:- (ignores martin) mum I think you have to
call the police and file a report ASAP.
Kemi:- (unrelaxed) how did this happen ?
Mercy:- he was tricked out of the school and
then captured
Mr Martin:- and what did u do to stop them?
Kemi:- ahn ahn martin. What kind of question are
u asking her? Were u expecting her to head a
fight with the kidnappers
[7/5, 23:07] El'karnah Meshach: Mr martin:- now
this is why I never liked daughters. Weak and
Mercy:- I wasn't there when it happened ,mum
Mr martin:- what!!! Where were u when all this
Mercy:- (looks Martin in the eye) won't u just
leave me alone now?
Martin:-(feigning annoyance) now don't u dare
disrespect me now.
Mercy':- you're not worth my respect.
Kemi:- now mercy stop that. You're talking to
your dad.
[7/5, 23:19] El'karnah Meshach: Mercy:- what is
the use of having a dad that doesn't think or
care about me..
Martin:- on no condition should u talk to me in
such tone.
Mercy:- I can speak my thoughts freely and you
can't stop me from saying my mind.
I've gone out, seen things,and I'm well
experienced now.
I can't continue having your fear in me. You're
not worth it.
Martin;- (stammers) Me -ma young woman, stop
all this nonsense at once
Mercy:- see that mum. He's not even sure of my
name anymore. I'm like an invisible pillar before
Kemi:- (restless) mercy, I didn't train you to talk
this way_why the sudden change?
Mercy:- mum' u won't understand. If only you
knew your husband is the cause of Meshach's
Martin:- how can that be? ..(points at kemi) you
can see what nonsense your daughter is yanking
out. U better get her under control
Kemi:- mercy!!! Jor ma koba mi o(in Yoruba tone)
Mercy:- mum don't worry,Meshach recognized
one of the thugs and shouted his name before
he was kidnapped. Its probably through your
husband's influence that he got to know the
[7/5, 23:28] El'karnah Meshach: Kemi:- u seem
to be mixing words up dear.are u sure?
Mercy:-yes mum...eye witnesses heard him
shout the name.
Martin:- he said the name? What did he call it?
Mercy:- don't bother asking me, cos I won't tell
you anything.
Martin:- come on girl' you've always wanted to
be important, and now is your chance. Prove
your worth by giving me the name.
Mercy':- I have nothing to prove to u. And I don't
want to feel important to u ever again. I'm
already important to those who know my values
and abilities
Kemi:- (shocked) mercy!! Why won't you reveal
such info? Its the only lead to finding your
Mercy:- well, let your husband feel the heat and
see how it burns. Its not easy to be treated as a
substitute in a place that ought to be one's
*story continues

Episode 27
(Martin walks back into the House at 4pm)
Kemi:- how far my husband? Any luck
Martin:- I managed to file a report at the station.
But I can't count on that. I need to take actions
on my own. This is about my only son
Kemi:- oh God!! How do we go about that.
Martin:- I've hunted so many during my days, this
one shouldn't be hard. Remember I'm an ex-
militant.I have things under control
Kemi:- this man! Don't start again o. You are no
militant ,u only attended a military school, what
right does that gives u to take actions by
yourself. You're more of a civilian now. *Ma koba
mi o* (In Yoruba tone)
Martin:- look,this is my son we're talking about.
No action is too little to save him. I'll get him
back myself
[7/6, 06:58] El'karnah Meshach: Kemi:- he is my
son too, but we don't have a lead to finding the
whereabouts of the nappers.
Martin:- why won't your daughter just let this out
once and for all
Kemi:-(wears a frown) you see your problem
now. We gave birth to her together she is our
daughter and not mine. This is part of the things
you do that has made her stay mute.
Martin:- what has that got to do with this?
You better go and talk to your daughter and
make her talk
Kemi:- look here, Meshach is my son too. But I
will not go and ask mercy for the name. It is you
that Will ask for yourself
Martin:- (annoyed)what!! Look, so you're not
worried about possibilities that those nappers
may kill our son before we do something and
Kemi:- (cuts in in an angry tone) o ohhh?? He is
now our son abi? He is no more your son alone
eh!!! Ah, martin. I know nothing will happen to my
son, I know this is is a plan from heaven that will
make you realise the mistake you've made in this
marriage and your life entirely. And I will support
mercy on this one. You better go and talk to her
and+ appease her, else, this house will not be
cool on you (she sits down back with her legs
Martin:-(after few minutes of absolute silence)
which of the rooms is Mercy's own?
Kemi:-(sighs In a rude way) why don't u go get a
map for that (hisses)
*story continues*

Episode 28
Sarah:-(exclaima) ah!! he did what?
Mercy:- he threatened me for real. Saying he'll
kill me if I don't tell him the name
Dora:- did you tell him?
Mercy:- I wasn't scared of him at all
Dami:- u should've told him the name na.
Mercy:- I can't tell him the name..
Sarah;- why? Your brother's life is at risk here
Mercy:- I don't know the name. I didn't ask for it
yesterday. I was too confused to ask his friends
for it.
Sarah:- well then, let's go and ask them now.
Every minute we waste counts
(The girls went to Moses and simon:-
[7/6, 08:51] El'karnah Meshach: I can't
remember the name.
Moses:- neither do I.
Mercy:- but u said he screamed the name aloud.
Moses:- he did ,and now we have forgotten it.
Mercy:- ( raises temper) how can u be this
careless(slaps moses)
Dora:- (pulling mercy away} no no no. That's not
the next thing to do
Dami:- is there anyone else that heard the
[7/6, 09:41] El'karnah Meshach: Moses:-(still
rubbing his hands on his cheek ) oushhhh!!!
Simon:-( fears getting slapped) its david!!
Mercy;- the nappers name is david?
Moses:-(pushes simon away) you'll never say
anything right.(rubs his face again) david knows
the name. We told him yesterday.
Mercy:-where is he now?
Moses:- relax, david is not in school today. He
told us yesterday morning that he will not be in
school for about two days.
Sarah:- 2 days? But why?
Moses:-(frustrated by the slap) don't ask me
useless questions. I've had enough talk with u
Simon:- Dont mind him. David had to be with his
uncle from yesternight till his parents return, he's
gotten himself into a lot of trouble and needed
extra supervision.
Mercy:- oh jesus
*story concontinues

Episode 29
Kemi:- what do I mean u want to leave the
Mercy:- mum ,I really have to leave...I can't let
Meshach's disappearance stop me from
performing well in the exam I've worked so hard
to pay for.my hustle should not be in vain..
Kemi:- u are not of liberty age yet, u can't leave
this house.
Mercy:- u want me to stay here,with your
husband threatening me? No way. I love u mum
and I have to stay safe for you.
Kemi:- alright then, but I just can't let u Go out.
U may go astray. As your mother, I am to protect
u and that's why I recommend u go and stay with
my sister..
Mercy:- with aunty aanu?
Kemi:- (nodds & smiles)
Mercy:- but mum,she won't allow me read, she
sends someone on errand for Africa.how will I
cope with that?
Kemi:- she has 3 Maids now. All u need do there
is eat read and sleep. U know she loves u alot
cos u look alike despite the colour differences
[7/6, 10:14] El'karnah Meshach: Mercy:-( smiles)
Kemi:- and Remember she gave u the name
mercy since your father refused to give u a
Mercy's:- ah mum. Was it up to that level?
Kemi:- (hisses) its way more than that. Just go
ASAP. You hear? Your brother will be found by
God's grace.
Mercy:- okay mum.
Kemi:- don't worry, Martin's eyes Will open to
the fact very soon. Okay?
Mercy:- if he likes, he can stay blind forever,I
don't care. He's nobody to me
(Martin walks in)
Mercy:-(hugs kemi and picks up her bag) mum.
Wish me luck in my exams. I'll see u soon
[7/6, 10:27] El'karnah Meshach: (Mercy walked
out & Martin was quiet until she completely left )
Martin:- where is she off to?
Kemi:- why didn't u ask her when she was still
Martin:- she' packed out right?
Why didn't u stop her?
Kemi;- u expect Me to stop her from going to
safety?. After how you've made life miserable for
her? No, Martin no. I can't stop her from going
far away from a beast like u.
Martin:- and if I may ask.how m I a beast?
Kemi:- a beast is a man who is being feared by
his own child, who treats his child like shit.
That's what u are?
Martin:- how did I treat her bad? I've never had
anything to do with her, we never talk, I've never
touched her,so how can?
Kemi :- I have nothing to say to u. But I hope
you'll enjoy life after loosing your two children
both at once. If you like, get wise, if u like be
adamant, at this junction. You're on your own
story continues

Episode 30
(On Mercy's way out of the estate, she bumped
into one of Martin's bouncers.
She recognized him,but there's no way he'll
recognise her.)
Bouncer:- ain't u my boss's daughter? Where are
u going to WITG this packed bag?
Mercy:- its none of your business. Excuse me
( she walked out on him and he continued his
journey to the ade's residence where he met
martin walking out)
Martin:- ah ha..just the man I was expecting.
(At least now we know the bouncer's name. )
Shege:- boss, wetin happen, I see your daughter
carry bag dey go? U don pursue her ni?
Martin:- no,she's trying to run away from me.
Shege:- eehn!!! And u did not call me ASAP to
stop her.
Martin:- well,God already called u here. Now go
and get her, avoid causing commotion on the
street. Just grab her and take her to the hideout.
Shege:- boss!! U mean,make I carry small madam
go crep. For wetin?
Martin:- she has refused to give me the name of
those who kidnapped my son, u know how that
matters in our plan to get my son back.
Shege:- true talk. But if she no tell u,why will she
tell me?
Martin:- I'm not asking u to ask her.torture her,
force the name out of her,If she dies during the
torture, I don't care.
Shege;- boss why? That's too much.
Martin:- she's not useful to my lineage. If she
dies, we'll find another means to get Meshach
Shege:- alright boss, I'll go get her. How hard
can that be? It's an easy task..
*story continues*

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