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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 21 to 25)

the clever substitute
episode 21 to 25
@at the school gate
sarah:- (on phone) hello boss..
pablo:- have you girls ganged up?
sarah:- yes
pablo:- good. put the phone on
loud speaker..i want you all to get this
straight.its the pattern which u need to
successfully deliver the stuff..
sarah:- we are all ears
pablo:- good. firstly,u girls need not to change
from your school uniform..no security agent will
want to question 4 school girls for anything..and
make sure that you're prepared for anything,cos
those guys play dirty.they kill most people they
do business with cos of security purpose..so be
smart and ready..the package should be
delivered to the big joe ,mr joseph adeojo..is that
mercy:- (paused on hearing the name) sir whats
the location
pablo:- just at the entrance of the kings
mercy:- sir,i dont think,,,,,
pablo:- i didnt ask u to think.just do as i have
dami:- yes..we got the instruction..
dora:- yh..we got it.
pablo:- and mercy..did u get everything i said?
pablo:- i said,did u get that?
mercy:- (still quiet with face down)
sarah:- i'm sure she got it.(taps mercy)
pablo:- then why cant she speak for herself?
sarah:- maybe cat got her tongue.
pablo:- what ever that means,i hope it doesn't
affect my deal.else, u know how i react to loss
of money.its going to be bad for u all...when u
get the job done successfully,call me and i'll
send a driver to pick u up.i wont want u kids
walking around or hopping cars with my money
(hangs up)
sarah:- mercy.are u alright?
dora:- i wonder o..
dami:- she just froze up after hearing the name
of the man...ehmm,what dis he call the name
again ooo?
mercy:- mr joseph adeojo.
sarah:- so u heard the name..then why did u
freeze all of a sudden.
mercy:- because i live at the kings estate where
we are to transact the deal..
sarah:- oh shit..this is a big fuck up tho..
dami:- it doesn't matter na..you are the clever
one..u gat this covered..
dora:- good idea my friend.
mercy:- thats not the problem..but the issue is
the client pablo assigned us to,he is my so
called father mr joseph adeojo ..his full name is
martin joseph adeojo..
sarah:- infradilitatem..
dora:- now thats messed up..
dami:- really messed up..but this mission is to be
anchored by u..u are to make the transaction
yourself..we are only backing u up.
mercy:- no problem girls..i have my head in the
game.i know how to go about this.
sarah:- okay tell us the plan..
mercy:- there is no plan.only actions to be taken
and i have the right scripts for that
**story continues**

Episode 22
(The girls dropped from a cab close to the
entrance of kings estate)
Sarah:- now what?
Mercy:-(faces Dora) I'll need a shade. (Turns to
dami) I'll need your face towel. (Now to sarah)
I'll need a comb from u
(The girls each searched their bags and soon
they provided everything mercy needed
Mercy redressed her hair with the comb. She
covered half of her face with the face towel and
the shades took care of the rest)
Mercy:- now that's a make over
Dora:- wow. Babe, who are u
Dami:- I don't recognize u again o
Mercy:- well, that's what I'm counting on.
Sarah:- now that's the mercy I want to see
Mercy:- grab the bag, let's go.
(The girls got to a Bush bar close near the
entrance of the estate.it was guarded by two
hefty thugs).
Bouncer:- this is as far as u can come. You're
not allowed in here
Mercy:- I'm here for Mr Joseph adeojo. We have
his package.
Bouncer;- oh!_ the big Joe. Go in.
Mercy:-(turns back to the girls) this is where we
split. Sarah and I will go in,the rest of u wait
here,Incase of any alarm.if there is,call Pablo.
(Sarah and mercy went in.
Mr Martin wawas seated on a chair with two gun
men on each side. There was no customer in the
bar,Martin must have ensured he had enough
privacy for the business he had scheduled )
Mr Martin:- I see. Pablo seems to be an
incompetent partner for him to have sent a twin
of girls to me.
Mercy:- (in a rough tone ) we did not come here
to chat.just get this over with and let's part.
Mr martin:- why the rush? Areu afraid that I
might send my boys to seize u? Now that's my
problem with transacting business with girls you'
don't have enough courage about this line of
Mercy:- here is your package. Its intact.
Mr martin:- finally, I was getting tired of your
presence anyways.drop the package and step
Mercy:- I won't drop the package just like that.
Money must be on sight first.
Mr Martin:- I see you are a little bit clever. But
that can only get you so far. (He snaps his
fingers and one of the gunmen dropped s bag on
the table. The bag was opened and it contained
Sarah:- (whispers to mercy) open the bag for
them to see the drugs.
Mercy: okay
(She opened the bag and they saw and tested
the drugs to confirm its original)
Mr martin:- now take the money bag and
skoot.but tell pablo I said next time ,he should
get real professionals to carry out my deals, I
don't want amateurs ruining my moments.let a
man do a man's job.
Mercy:- well,the men would've been here to
deliver the package themselves If only I didn't
criple them singlehandedly.
Sarah:- don't worry, if they ever get well,they'll
be here on the next transaction.
Mr Martin:- well I hope you two will be alive to
know the date of the next.
Mercy:- (picks up the bag) well, until we meet
again. Mr martin Joseph adeojo
Mr martin:- hold on. Who are u? Let me see your
Mercy'- what for?
Mr martin:- no one in this business knows me as
martin, how come u do?
Sarah:- (whispers) u shouldn't have said that.
Mercy:- (whispers back) well now that I've said
it,what should we do?
Mr martin:- (_yells)I said unmask yourself. Else I
do that for u.and u won't like yourself if I do.
Sarah:- (whisper ) now that we've got the
money, We don't have anything to loose unless
we wait here. I'll give the girls a signal. Then
after stalling for a while,we'll run._before he gets
us killed as Pablo said earlier
*story continues*

Episode 23
Mr Martin:- tell me. We're u sent here to
investigate me?
Mercy:- no. (Noticing a paper with Mr martins
name on it) that's where I got your name from. I
had no idea its private.
Mr martins:- well then. U better watch where you
direct your eyes before they get u into trouble.
Sarah:- sorry about that. We will.
Mr Martin:- now move out at once.
(The girls moved out with the money bag)
Martin :- I don't trust either of those girls.smart!!
Follow them. Make sure they don't make it back
and get me back my money.
Smart:- yes boss (Outside the hut)
Sarah:- that was a close call..why did u have to
call his name. U over do things this time.
Mercy:- I'm sorry. I just felt like strangling him on
that spot. My entire system was boiling in anger
while I stood before him.
Dami:- but didn't u know the kind of work your
father was into?. Dora:- I tire o.
Mercy:- I never knew he was into this. Do u think
he'll tell Us his family about it?
Sarah:- that's true tho. But we can't waste
anytime here. Who knows if he'll send his thugs
after us as Pablo had said.
Dora:- I called Pablo already, and I'm sure he
already sent someone to Us.
Mercy:- that's good. But we can't wait here
(The girls began to move on when a bullet was
shot towards their direction..)
Mercy:- I knew it.
Sarah:- Pablo said it
Dora:- he must be after the money.
Dami:- well,hold on to it and run.
Mercy:- OK.
(The girls took to their heels as the bouncers ran
after them.
As they ran, dora called Pablo, who gave them a
direction to run to.).
Dora:- he said we should look for a block industry
on the right angle
Mercy:- I know there. Follow me. (Mercy led the
way for the runners.
On getting to the location, they found a car With
all four doors opened Waiting in the middle of
the industry.
They ran to the car and found it empty. )
Mercy:- gosh. It's empty. What do we do. Sarah:-
maybe it's the wrong location. Let's run back
Mercy:- wait. Let's switch the money bag.
.Sarah:- well then, hurry and pack all the money
in your school bag.
Mercy:- girls. Help me combine all your books
into the money bag. (They switched the bags
content and
As they turned back to run out the bouncers
were already there blocking the exit gate )
Bouncer:- no where to run now. Drop the money
and slowly turn around.
Sarah:- God. What do we do now?
Mercy:- we drop the bag.
(Mercy and the girls dropped the money bag on
the ground and one of the bouncers came to
pick it up. )
Smart:- alright man. Take the Bag back to the
boss. I'll handle them and join u later to avoid
suspicion from neighbours.
Bouncer:- alright then. Hurry up ( he leaves with
the money bag)
Smart:- now I want you girls to slowly turn
around and,,,,, (gun shots)
Girls:- (all screams at once)
Pablo: (comes out behind smart)that was a close
call for you girls. (Pulls another shot on smart
who already lays dead on the ground
Sarah:- boss.. Na you?
Pablo:- no fear. It's me. Dami:- how long have u
been there.
Pablo:- long enough to witness everything. With
the little scene I've seen here, i must admit you
girls did great.
Dora & dami:- thanks boss.
Pablo:- especially u mercy. You're a good team
leader. You delivered an excellent performance.
And congrats,y'all are going to be well treated
for this.
Mercy:- thanks boss.
Pablo;- get in. Let's get out of here before the.
police arrive
*story continues*

Episode 24
@the Ade's residence
Kemi:- what did u say you want to ask me?
Mercy:- nothing much. How many job does your
husband indulge in?
Kemi:- just one. And that's the company of his
father which he fought for. That is his legacy
Mercy:- no,I mean aside from that is there any
other attachment ?
Kemi;- well, I don't know. U know he Hardly
reveals things to us. But why are u so inquisitive
about this?
Mercy:- well, it's an essay from school and I
have to get it done tonight
Kemi:- alright my daughter. Go and ask your
brother. He'll probably know it. You know he is
closer to martin than to us
Mercy:- alright mum. I'm off to school. Won't
want to be late.
Kemi:- ain't u waiting for your brother?
Mercy:- your husband already took him.
Kemi:- okay o.wait ,let me give u something.
(She opens her purse and withdraw 2 thousand
naira from it. )Take that for your transport fare.
Mercy:- (happily)thanks mum.I pray one day I'll
repay all the love you give to me (hugs her)
Kemi:- its the little I can do. And thank God u
have a part time job now. If not, only God knows
how far we'll sink..
Mercy:- yh. Thank God for the job (looks at the
Kemi ;- ehen!! I forgot to ask the type of work u
Mercy:- (dodges the question) hush mum!! I'm
getting late. We'll talk after school.
(She runs out)
@ school.
Sarah:- hit girl.
Mercy:- hit Lady. What's up?
Sarah:- you're a bit early today.
Mercy:- yh.mum was able to provide my
transport. .
Dora:- I saw your dad drop your bro earlier today.
Mercy:- oh great. Now do u know where he is.
Dami:- turn around. (Points) that's him with his
quad over there
Mercy:- thanks I'll be right back.
(She walks to Meshach and friends)
Meshach:- hey sis. Good morning
Mercy:- (draws him aside) I have a question ,and
I want a strict answer.
Meshach:- ask away
Mercy;- what other activities does your dad
indulge in, apart from the company he runs?
Meshach:- u mean our dad?
Mercy:- u don't answer a question with question.I
wanta strict answers. No lies.
Meshach:- (avoiding eye contact) I-i-i don't know
tho. I'm sure its just the company..
Mercy:- you're lying. I can see you know
something that you're not telling me.
Meshach;- I'm serious sis.ion know anything.
Besides,how can I possibly know ?
Mercy;- then quit avoiding eye contact WITH me.
Look into my eyes and tell me you don't know.
Meshach:- ok ok!!! Gosh. I'll tell u what I know,
but keep it a secret. Cos he warned me not to
tell anyone. (Sighs) he's into drugs. Mercy:-
(chuckles) he told u that?
Meshach:- he didn't just tell me.. He usually
takes me with him on most transactions. In fact.
He had one yesterday?
Mercy:- {sighs) now I understand .u may get
back to your friends.
Meshach:- will you come call me when you're
going home?
Mercy: - we didn't come here together. So we
can't go together. (She walks away)
DaviD:- (from behind) you shouldn't have said
that tho
Meshach:- ah!!! You heard everything?
David:- what!!! I have sensitive ears and I read
Meshach:- can't Someone have privacy when
you're present. Gosh
*story continues*

Episode 25
(Two weeks later)
Sarah:- Pablo gave us a free week.
Mercy:- as in?
Dora:- maybe he doesn't need us for now.
Dami:- true. And remember he didn't hire us full
time. We are just his substitutes.
Mercy:- that's great sha. At least we can focus
on our book now. Exam is 2 weeks away.
Sarah:- yh. So how is your bro and ya dad now.
Mercy:- Meshach is still being happy with Martin.
But I'm sure that won't last.
Dami: what do u mean?
Mercy:- we've been into this for about 3 weeks
now. And we know its a risk to both ourselves
and family.
Martin doesn't see me as his daughter but he
introduces meshach to everyone,his friends and
fellow dealers even to his enemies too. Meshach
may be feeling loved by martin. But its not Love.
Its a huge risk
Sarah:- i still don't get your point.
Mercy:- don't u get it? My father has made a lot
of enemies so far, can u imagine what might
happen if they decide to weaken Martin by
hurting meshach?
Dora:- yh. That happens in movies. And movies
are acted based on realistic actions That's why
they never involve their family about their shady
Mercy:- but my father won't think that through.
Instead, he keep advertising his son Like apostle
Paul preached Jesus.
Sarah;- (laughs) don't worry friend. He'll come to
realise that soon. Either the easy or hard way.
Mercy:- but what If it happens to be the hard
way? I keep telling Meshach to break free and
stop following his shady patterns. But no. He
won't listen.
I don't want anything happening to my twin.
Dami:- hmmmm. Sister mercy.
Let's get to the class.
(Later in the class)
Dora:- hi kayDee
David:- hey Dora. What's up
Dora:- I'll like us to talk.
David :- about what?
Dora:- anything at all. Let's just talk.u and I
David:- you know. I'm not the type that likes
talking. But u can talk to me tho. I'm better off
Dora:- so what's the point if talking if u won't
talk back.(_hisses and walks away from him)
Mercy:-( approaching david) hey dee. Have u
seen Meshach?
David:-(stands up from his seat) hey mercy,he
stepped out with two men.they said, your dad is
outside and sent for him
Mercy:- (lost)2 men,my DaD?
David:- relax ,he didn't follow em alone. Moses
and Simon went with him
(Simon runs in, finding it hard to breath)
Simon:- david ! David!!
Mercy:- who's chasing u?
Moses:-(runs in too )Meshach got kidnapped....
Simon:- when we stepped out the school gate
,we found out they where five...he recognized
them, called one of Their names. And tried
running off.
Moses:- we all tried running off. But he wasn't
with his stamina. They caught him and threw him
into the car trunk and went off.
David:- but I told you guys not to go in the first
Moses:-for God's sake david, u were just
sobering up ,who would've listen to u.
Mercy:- well, how did that turn out now. You all
are a bunch of dull heads.you stand here to say
my BRo got kidnapped.
Simon:- seriously. ,no kidding.
Mercy:- I knew it. This won't end well (runs out)
David:- you said he called one of their names
before he was captured. What's the name?
Moses:- its # don_Jay
@story continued

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