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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 16 to 20)

the clever substitute..
in conjunction with battle for love..

episode 16 to 20

**the untold story**
(as she ran off,she came across a car which
was recklessly driven...the driver asked mercy to
hop in.but she ignored and kept running)
mercy:- leave me alone.please..
driver:- no wait..whats chasing u? its me david.
mercy:- ( finally waits) david?
david:(drops from car) yes.its me..now whats
chasing u?
mercy:- (begins to hid behind david) no ..just get
me out of here please..please get me out..help
me david.
david:- get in....
(she gets in..and he drives off)
after few minutes of silence in the car..
mercy:- how come u have a car? and what are u
doing put here at this odd hour
david:- i should ask i that question first.what are
u doing out,running at this odd hour? what
trouble did u get yourself in?
mercy:- hey.if u want to help me,then just help
me out.dont question me about that.you're not
my father..
david:- (sighs) and how about now that you don't
have a father that would care to ask u that but
treat u like a substitute?
mercy:- (goes speechless but finally bursts out)
what do u know about my father? who told u
about my plight?
david:- meshach did.he talks about you whenever
he's drunk..and for him to be sober about u when
he is drunk,that means he cares a lot about u as
his sister..
mercy:-oh no!! now i'm a public news at school..
how many others did he tell this to?
david:- just the members of the quad..myself
,meshach himself,moses and simon..so you have
no need to worry.cos whatever we say in the
quad,stays in the quad.thats our rule
mercy:- well,u just broke that rule..
david:- no i didn't cos u you are the victim
here.trust me..
mercy:- well,thanks alot. at least,u did come to
my rescue today..but you're yet to tell me what
you're doing outside at this time with a car.i
heard your parents are the protective type so
how come you're out here being reckless at this
**story continues**

episode 17
david:- (sighs)like u know.my father and mum
,mr karnah and katie denison,have been under a
lot of violent pressure before,during and after my
birth.tho i dont know the full details of the
situation then but i remember my dad telling me
that it was a # battle_for_love which was
supported with the love for family.that battle
almost took away the life of myself,my sister,and
my mother including my aunt.but with the right
team which my dad made and faith my mum had
in God..we were able to survive eventually..so
since then,my dad keeps me and my twin sis
under his intensive military guard..at times,i'm
always being followed by most guards without
me knowing..
but tonight,my dad took mum to ghana to see
his brothers and dad,now i'm left with my aunts
,siblings and my beautiful granny..
Mercy:- that explains a lot about u.
david: yh..my dad recently showed me some
driving tips and i thought i should try it out
tonight.since he's not here with me..at least.i
have to learn how to practice alone...
mercy:- that God u did that.else,those idiots may
have called more goons on me.
dAvid :- what goons?
mercy:- can i trust u?
david:- as long as i'm sober..u can trust me..
mercy:- i shot 2 men...they tried to rape me and
i knew how important my virginity is..i had to
fight my way out.
david:-(chuckles) .thats self defence tho..you're
not guilty of anything..did your shots kill em?
mercy:- no .i only shot their legs...
david:-(laughs)well,if there is a next time.try
shooting their balls.they dont deserve to live at
all...we're getting close to your house.
mercy:- you sound like you've also shot someone
david:- when i was a kid,i experienced so much
gunshots.it was a terrible time then..i'm growing
up under guns..i live with guns..my dad is a five
star general for God's sake and my mum is a
renown investigator .shots don't surprise me.
mercy:- how old are u?
david:- i'm just as old as u are...clocking 17
**story continues**

episode 18
(next day @school)
sarah:-ehn!!!!! u mean u went through all that just
last nigh?
dora:- you get mind o
mercy:- 'yes o my friends..
dami:- so its true that there is always a devil
inside every angel..where did u learn to pull a
trigger ?
mercy:- what kind of question is that.!? dont u
watch action movies?
sarah:- oh!! so u actuAlly learnt how to use a gun
through movies..
dora:- u get mind sha.u even turned out to be
braver than us..i cant stand the presence of
guns o..
dami:- anyways..u did what u had to..have u paid
the balance you ought to pay?
mercy:- yh..i've done that already..
sarah:- alright then..this morning,pablo sent
someone to me..and its concerning u..
mercy:- me? alright then...
sarah:- yh.,and we'll have to skip more classes
cos we must get to him asap..remember your
agreement with him.
dami:- but we have to sign attendance for the
remaining tutorial,else we'll get on the school
red list
dora:- i don't think thats a problem..we have
Chiboy on our side.
mercy:- hmm.. u girls really have things going
well for u tho..lets get moving.
we'll use out of the remaining 50k for uber
transport measure.i cant risk taking a bus again
( the girls left school again at the wrong time)
later at the ghetto
(the girls dropped from a car.)
dora:- rich girl..so what are we to do with the
rest of the cash na?
dami:- we'll ginger our lives with the money
na..abi what else will we do?
sarah:- are u guys the one to spend the money
for her?
mercy:- sarah leave them..once i remove the
transport that'll take me back home from here,i'll
give the rest as alms to the poor.
sarah:- well..you have spoken..but nobody is poor
in the ghetto..
mercy:- but what about that man with a bowl and
staff in his hands(she points to a man)
sarah:- (claps) oga koffi? dont give your money
to him o..he's not worth him..
mercy:- but look at him na..he looks rickety and
Sarah:- i'll rather advice u to throw the money in
the gutter than to give him..dont say,i didn't
warn u o.
mercy:-( walks to the man.and dumps the
remaining 30k in his bowl..she looked at his eyes
as he stared back at her in disbelief. she left him
before he could even say a word)
later @ pablo's crep
(the girls walked in.
as they sighted mercy ,they began to clap in
mercy :-(was shocked seeing kamal and casper
laid on the floor with their legs bandaged from
the gunshot)
pablo:- mercy dear..now i'm convinced that u are
a clever person..i didn't expect you'll be able to
outsmart my best men..you aced the test my
dear..now i can say u are fit for the task i have
set to give u right now
mercy:-u mean, you sent these thugs after me?
why such expensive trial?
*story continues.**

episode 19
meshach:- guys my sister isn't in school again..
david:- thats not your problem..she isn't a child
simon:- yh man..shes not in school and that
shouldn't be your problem
meshach:- guys u dont understand
moses:- then keep it to yourself .
meshach:- should've known i've been wasting my
time talking to a bunch of drunks..
david:- i know mercy well,shes fine .just let her
moses:- you know her well? how come..u hardly
meshach :- leave him..he's high again..
david:- i knew u guys wont believe.
meshach :- if school closes and shes not
back.i'll go look for her..
@ the ghetto..
(the girls already got their task as a team and
were in a bar thinking of how to go about it..)
mercy:- this is really hard to go through..i mean.
how will we smuggle drugs all the way to such
sarah:- well,its not hard tho.once u get used to it
dora:- come on.we're all women here..this can
be a piece of cake.i've seen many girls do it in
movies..even younger girls do it..
dami:-exactly..besides,pablo will treat us well if
we do the job well..forget about the part when
he said that we are going to face dangerous
mercy:- but why cant he send those hefty
henchmen of his? we're to young for all this.its
still child abuse
sarah:- but to think of this.you're the cause of
it..(points at mercy)
dami:- yes.to be honest..its her fault na..
sarah:- you that had the mind to hold a gun and
overpower two men.,not just any men but the
best in town..just because of that incident,pablo
now sees u as an iron lady..just think of it.
mercy:- me i'm scared of this o..i'll find a way to
return the money i borrowed..i cant pay back by
risking my life and legacy..
(the girls burst into laughter)
dora:- you're being childish..no one has ever
done that..once you're in you are in..no going
back on the street..
sarah:- u already got the package.you cant quit
without delivering it.
mercy:- what have i dragged myself into? of we
get caught,no one will save us from this..i'm
sarah:- thats why we chose to go through every
mission together with u.i know that with our
knowledge and ability ,we can acomplish
everything together..how long till we get to the
university? once we get there,we will be free
from this one..just stay focused..
dora:- i know your fear but don't worry.we'll
spare sometime to study for our exam.we wont
spend all our time on the street works..
mercy:- i so much appreciate u guys..you're the
best...you know all my desires.its as if we think
of the same thing always.
sarah:- pick up the bag..lets get back to school
with it..we'll keep it with chiboy until its time to
deliver it..okay?
mercy:- i follow (smiles)
dami:- i feel like drinking.but someone already
threw her money away..
mercy:- (jokingly pushed dami off her chair) see
your mouth.i didnt throw it away.i sacrificed it
for a poor man's happiness.
sarah:- (hisses) no u didnt..u just threw it
away..didnt i tell u not to give out the money to
oga koffi? look.turn around..thats him on the
other table drinking with those harlot...your
sacrifice was a waste..mother christmas.
mercy:- but i thought he was poor
sarah:- look here.no one begging in the ghetto is
poor..its all part of the hustle.pure business..
dora:(laughs) thats lesson four..
out on the street,show no mercy,compassion or
even love.for that love can get u killed...
@story continues

episode 20
meshach:- u disappeared again..suddenly.
mercy:- so?
meshach :- u had me worried..
mercy:- why were u worried?
meshach:- i feared something might happen to u.
mercy:- look bro. its time u begin to worry about
yourself..stop worrying about me..i'm not a child.
david:- i told him so.but he said i was drunk.
meshach:- you shush now..this ain't your
mercy:- hey..he can talk whenever he wants..this
also is his business.you already gave him every
info behind my back.so why shut him up in my
meshach:- (dumbfounded) sister.what is
happening? you're actually buzzing me for being
worried about u?
mercy:- its time u start worrying about
yourself..because you dont where dad will lead u
to with so much pampering.
meshach:- mercy.i dont know u like this
mercy:- i'm going away..to take care of business
.i wont be back soon.just tell mum to stay
calm.tell her i'm safe(she walks out)
david:- the girls right. you need to start worrying
about yourself..daddy's boy.always counting on
dad to get everything done..a day will come that
you wont be able to stand for yourself as a
man..just beware.
meshach:- hey just shut up..you and i are not
different from one another.
david:- you're wrong.only a bull that submits its
head for a sacrifice gets slaughtered.
meshach:-what does that mean?
david:- you are the submissive bull..and i am the
unsubmissive one..despite the boundaries my
parents keeps around me,i still find my way out
to do things the way i want..my father didnt
grow up to be the kind that takes orders and
direction from anyone.not even his older ones.so
i'm definitely going to be like my father.
meshach:- how?
david:- by doing some things on my own and
learning from mistakes made from it..that ,my
friend,is the concept.
meshach:- is that what my sister is trying to do?
david:- i have said too much already..its left to
u..either u be wise ,or u get sliced.
**story continues**
(david is a reflection of his father..tho in a
different way..he does not talk at all time,but
whenever he opens his mouth to talk
deliberately,he speaks out words that are worth
millions of facts.
he plays the role of a melancholic and
phlegmatic character.)

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