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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 11 to 15)

the clever substitute
episode 11 to 15

....episode 11
@ the ade residence..
(mercy walks in,only to meet kemi,martin and
meshach in the parlour standing up restless)
meshach:- sis for God's sake..you were out for
six hours
mercy;- six hours?
kemi:- my darling.where went u?
mercy :- i didnt know i was out for this long tho.
meshach:- school closed at 2.u were absent at
as at 12pm prompt..i searched for u,even mother
has been worried..look at the time
mercy:- (noticing its already 6;pm) oh my!!
mother i'm really sorry.i didnt mean to get u
kemi:- i know my dear.thats why i want to know
where u went to.
mercy:- well,i went out hustling.u know i need
money for my exam fee.
meshach:- (exclaims) ah!! sister,when did that
one start?
mercy:- dont ask me silly questions.dont u know
what is happening in this house?
kemi:- my daughter.that is not your responsibility
my dear.that is the responsibility of us ,your
mercy:- mum,i'm no different from a street
child.dad has refused to pay my fees ,u also dont
have anything to offer financially.now do u
expect me to drop out and be an illiterate?
kemi:- oh god.
mercy;- mother,u just dont know what i feel,u
dont know how important my education is..i'll go
extra miles to make sure i achieve this
kemi:- i admire your determination my dear..but
u should know i would be able to provide this
educational funda for u if only i had a job..yes,i
have my certificate with first class upper
degree.but your dad just wont allow me use it to
get a job..
mercy:- why cant u just divorce him and do your
will afterwards.you deserve more than being
enslaved to such a heartless,old,blind fellow u
call a husband..
kemi:- ah!! shut up now ,God forbids
such..remember the daughter of whom u are
mercy:- well i wont forget u in whatever i do.i am
going to keep up the hustle i just started,and
nothing will shift my mind from it.unless u finally
decide to do something better.i love u mum.
(hugs kemi and walks into her room)
meshach:- mum,mercy has changed overnight
kemi:- u dont have to tell me..
(faces martin) dont u have anything to say to
martin:- what do u want me to say?..if she likes
,let her go astray in her hustle,that is non of my
responsiblilty.all i care about is that,she should
not spoil my father's name by getting into a
serious trouble that will eventually involve the
**story continues**
episode 12
**that same night**
(mercy got into her room,waiting for her first
mercy:- (soliloquising) hold on sef,she said my
first task is this night.yes.but how will she get
the information to me?,
she didnt collect my phone number,neither did
she seek my address .i'm sure she was just
(mercy picked the money from her bag,counted
it and the money turned out to be more than
what she requested..
her mind flashed back,to when pablo tossed the
cash to herm he said:-well then..you're lucky i
just had a successful gamble at my outing this
afternoon,else,there would've been no money.
(he dips handa into his cross bag and brings out
a bundle of cash.he tossed it over to her) thats
mercy:- oh my...this is a hundred thousand,it
must be a miscalculation..i'm sure he meant to
give me only 50k...
(she divided the money into two,kept 50k for her
fee and held on to the other one staring at it..
kemi walks in.)
kemi:- where did u get this money from?
mercy:- mum i went to borrow it..but i just asked
for 50k and i realised that i've been given
100k..i'm sure it was a mistake..
kemi:- (sighs) look,we'll talk about where u got
the money from later,firstly,i'll like you to go
back to wherever you got ot from..i didnt train
you to lack contentment..go and return the
balance,right now.
mercy:- mum its late.and i cant get there on
kemi:-- i'll give u transport fee...go and return it
now before anyone sends his or her goons here
to attack us because of that.we have To
maintain a safety policy in this house
mercy:- ok mum..i'll take that risk.but only for
your sake,mum.
**story continues**

episode 13
mercy:- (phone call) sarah, i'm outside your
house now.(hangs up)
sarah:-(comes out)what are u doing here at this
odd hour?
mercy;- (looks at her watch) its only 7 pm..i'm
even surprised you're home at this time..
sarah:- well,i just got home not quite long..by
the way,have u recieved the task?
mercy:- how m i suppose to receive the task
when theres no communication?
sarah:- then why are u here?
mercy:- i noticed they gave me more than the
amount i requested. he gave me 100k
sarah:- ah!!!! it must be a mistake o.what do we
do now?
mercy:- see question o.follow me,lets go return
the balance
sarah:- oh.right.give me a minute
(she walks back in)
**scene closes**
@ pablo's house
(the girls got in,meeting pablo,pamela and some
other men on their seat.)
pablo:- why are u here atbthis time.no one called
for u.
mercy:- i___
pamela:- go straight to the point please..
mercy:- well,sir pablo.you gave me more than the
amount i demanded.and i have come to return
the balance..
pablo: how can? i gave u 50k ,which is what u
mercy:- i remember u did not count the money
before giving me.
sarah;- thats true..
pamela:-(claps) thats true..and its right about
pablo;- right about time for what?
mercy;- i'll be glad if you take this money from
me so i'll get home before its too late..
pamela:- i admire your honesty dear..congratul
ations,you just accomplished your task for
tonight..you may go with the money as a reward
of honesty..
mercy:- wow,,thank you very much.
pamela: now leave asap.(the girls left the
pablo:- sister,how?
pamela:- well,i knew u were not in your right
sense when u gave her the money..remember we
were there together when u won the bet.u drank
too much there and u were high.we had to wait
for hours for u to sober up before coming back
Pablo:- yh..
pamela:- and when we got home,u gave her a
bundle of cash out of ten.
and each bundle contains 100k each resulting to
1million naira cash which we won..
pablo:-u mean i just gave her a bundle? why
didnt u stop me then?
pamela:- because i developed the idea of testing
her with that.money is the best test to give to
her.cos she needed it desperately.
pablo:-(jams hands on table) you fuck up..what if
she ran off with the money,u dont know her
house or anything about her.
pamela:- well,atleast she came here with the
cash,humbly returning it..besides,if she had ran
off with the cash,it'll be a source of trouble to
her entire family..trust me,i'll trace em to the
pablo:- well,so she passed your test huh?
pamela:- yh..shes trustworthy.i've seen that as a
strong fact about her.
pablo:- well. honesty isnt what she needs if she
wants to work with me,she needs the strength
,boldness,and ability to tackle oppositions.
pamela:- what do u mean ,bro?
pablo:- your test was a useless one..its about
time i give her my own test,right now...and trust
me sis. (chuckles) its gonna be a strong,tough
and dangerous one..
pamela:- dont put a risk on that girl this night
bro..let her get home safe..she's tried enough..
pablo:- nothing is enough while dealing with the
streets.my dear.(lights cigarett) get me two
men,among the strongest around.asap
**story continues**

episode 14
(here ,we introduce casper and kamal into the
they can be classified under the list of pablo's
a bus driver and his assistant .)
pablo:- guys...u saw the young girl that was here
with sarah earlier,right
men:- (both nodds )
pablo:- good.now go after her,dont kill her,but
make this night hard on her,u may rape her if u
want to..all i want is a feed back on her
men:- (nods again)
pablo:- now get moving..
(the men both moves out)
pamela:- pablo,u know that girl is new to the
streets.there are other other ways u cAn test her
pablo:- i know..but i need to do this.the level i
want to place her in (exhales smoke) is a
powerful one.
**out on the street**
(now its mercy all alone on the street,waiting for
a cab.
she waited for a long time ,no cab turned up.
a short while after,a parked and offered her a lift
which she rejected politely.she only wanted a
cab.after few minutes,
kamal and casper showed up in their taxi..
she boarded the taxi,not minding that shes the
only passenger in it)
kamal:- lady,where exactly are u going?
mercy:- kings estate sir.
casper:- thats really far away o..perhaps we can
take the shortcut
mercy:- ok..as long as it gets me home fast.
casper:- good..
(casper swerved to a dark rough bumpy road)
mercy:-(loosing her grip)this road is somehow
frightening..please turn back...
kamal:- why?
mercy:- the road is shallow,and your driving is
reckless and suspicious..turn this vehicle around
casper:- woman.keep quiet ,you're distracting my
mercy:- (frustrated) don't i have the right to
speak my mind on this.?
infact stop the car .i'll search for another cab...
Kamal:- (pulls out a gun) now will u keep shot or
put your life at risk by shouting.
mercy:- ( scared) no please..what do u want
from me?
kamal:- nothing much..if u co'operate,we'll let u
go alive
casper:- but if u do otherwise,you're as good as
(casper pulls over..its a very dark and bushy part
of the road,no car passes that route at night.
they both moved to the back seat where mercy
sat now with guns in each of their hands..
mercy couldn't raise an alarm,else it'll only take
a bullet to silence her for life..now she's in for
casper:- now slowly take off your dress and
spread your legs..
**story continues**

episode 15
kemi:- always remember this,my dear..
mercy:- mum what do u want me to remember?
kemi:- that a woman's virginity is the greatest
source of pride she can get..
mercy:- i've heard many women say that,but
what exactly is a source of pride in ones
kemi:- when a man marries a virgin,its like buying
a tear leather car.the man will appreciate and
care for the wife with all he has..just like he
treats the car.people,especially the husband's
family praise and cherish new things over the
fairly used one.so my daughter,can u relate?
mercy:- well,did dad also appreciate u when u did
the same?
kemi:- yes he did..especially when i eventually
gave birth to u and your brother.he was so happy
and proud..and i felt pride as at that time
because i was not like a fairly used
product..your father was the author of my
womanhood.so he shall be the finisher of it too.
mercy:- its a shame that he turns out to be like
this afterwards..
kemi:-indeed my daughter.indeed.just endeavours
to keen to my words.i believe when your time
comes,God will give u the best man u
mercy:- yes mother.but what if a woman looses
her virginity via rape?
kemi:-(exclaims) ah!! that is the most shameful
thing that may happen
(the conversation above was a dialogue between
her and her mother..she flashed back to that
thereby realising that this men were about to
take away that virginity from her by rape.)
kamal:- are u deaf,i said undress yourself,else i
do it by force..
casper:- easy man..look here woman..by the
time we pull our shirts,if you're not
undressed,you'll never forget this day in your
(they begin to pull their polos)
mercy:-(puts on a deep frown) i have nothing to
live for right now.but if i will die,it wont be a
shameful one..the agreement between ,myself
and my mother must be kept..
kamal:- keep quiet..what the hell are u yanking ?
mercy:- go to hell man..(she stretched her legs
and jammed it against his balls,his gun fell..even
if the cab wasn't big enough for her to make her
way out between both of em,she was able to
overpower kamal,and picked up his gun against
his head after shooting his leg while he held his
casper:- drop that gun now,else i shoot..
mercy:- (still with the frown) why dont u just
make way for me to get off this cab first.then i
drop the gun off him.
casper:- (makes a clear way-out the door.)
mercy:-(walks out holding kamal as a human
casper:- now you are out.drop the gun and let
him go..
mercy:- i'm not dumb,man..drop yours first..
(casper drops his gun on the floor)
mercy:- now kick it towards me with your foot.
(casper kicks the gun to her..)
mercy:- good
casper:- now drop the gun and let him go..
mercy:- i will.but first,i'll make sure none of u
follows me from here ...
(she shoots caspers legs too.and pushes kamal
to the floor..
mercy:- next time man..dont ever mess with a
desperate teenager..
mercy:- ..henceforth i wont take nonsense from
anyone that chooses to underestimate me.i've
had enough.and you 2 will serve as a lesson to
others out there that rapes girls around..tho i
cant kill u .but i believe i just saved myself from
the shame u almost infused on me.
kamal:- (groans) who the hell are u..?
mercy:- just classify me as the clever substitute
(she dumps the gun and runs off..)
**story continues**

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