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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The clever substitute(intro)

Let us notice you after you're done
(another play,by 
Elkarnah odunola)

Mr martin ade and mrs kemi ade has only a set of twins.a male called meshach and a female called mercy.
1-Mr martin..the father of the house who was never in support of the idea of having a daughter but dreams of having many sons
He so much valued male children compared to the females cos he believed that only the male child is capable of lifting the family's glory,so he treats his daughter with much hatred.
He involves in extra-marital affairs just to try if he can get another male child...
Whenever he impregnates a lady,she'll deliver a female and he abandones her immediately with the baby..
He did this on and on until he accepted his fate and embrace his only son with intensive cares..

2-kemi-..the legal wife of martin.a melancholic type.
She treats everything with care,especially her children.she takes them equally,but since martins began to value their son alot more than their daughter,she gave hope to the daughter to make her feel important.

3-meshach:- the only son..he is like a diamond to martin's eyes.martin endows him with luxuries beyond his request.he is a partially good and bad boy.
The things he learns from Martin,his father,influences his bad part,while his love for his sister influences his good part.

4-Mercy: the only daughter who is counted as a nobody in the house..
She endures rejection from her fAther,martin.
She is smart,clever,and observant..
She was never noticed except when meshach is absent from home and this made the people who are into the thuggish  acts easily manipulate her joining their gang..
She recieves encouragement from her her mum,kemi.and her gang members showed her much love and support.they are like a family away from family to her. 
Despite the discrimination,she respects her dad and adores her brother for the sake of her mum

With these attribute of the charCters,u should be able to picture the scenero i'm trying  to capture with the theme of discrimination.

Mr martin felt he had a little peace as he already had a son who can carry on his name.well,this made him calm until meshach suddenly went missing..

-will mr martin ade die of the pressure he gets about his thoughts concerning his missing son?
-will kemi survive the worries of a missing child?
-will mercy sit back and wait for her father to finally crawl back to her and admits that she is his child?
Or will she take it upon herself to take on the quest of finding her missing brother?

Find out 
In the
much lessons,
Much heart touching scenes,
More actions..
Comment your opinion..
Should i begin,or the script wont be dope enough?

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