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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The clever substitute(episode 3)

Episode 3
@ the school canteen
(mercy and sarah arrives)
Dora:- mercy baby..you came late today o
Dami:- walahi. You over late sef..how come u miss tutorial?
Mercy:- i would've been here earlier ,but my dad gave me a reason to stay home and cry a little.
Sarah:- (claps) this your father ehnn..his own gan don dey too much.
Dami:- chai!!  My dad wont dare such with me.my mother will change it for him if he tries such..
Meshach:- i'm just glad that he has'nt turned my brother against me with that his father and son things.
Dora:-(suddenly changes to a sweet mood) hmm.that your cute brother tho(smiles) i just wonder if he ever notices me.
Sarah:- (hails) hia.runs girl..just dey careful o..you don dey crush on mercy brother too?
Dami:- (provoked) we are trying to solve our friends issue here and you're already changing topic to an irrelevant nonsense..
Sarah:- hmm.na so your own be,u don dey vex again abi?
Mercy:- dami'pls dont mind them.they wont understand.
Dora:- my dear friend,its not like we don't understand o..i just feel u shouldnt let your father's acts weigh u down
Dami:- i've always told u to break loose..if you find no happiness in your home,we are here to give u happiness as friends.we'll show u the other part of the world.
Sarah:- all u have to do is give us a chance to mould u.you're too hearty and thats why 
Little things hurt u.
Dora:- roll with us ,lets show u what it takes to be strong,reading books every now and then isnt a way of facing your problems.
Mercy:- infact my friends.i've had enough,teach me whatever u feel i need to learn.i've had enough troubles with my emotions.
Sarah:- good,my friend.
After school today,we'll go to the street lord's den in my ghetto.we'll remould u.
Dami:- firstly,we'll take u to our school father's crep.you'll enjoy the adventure..
Dora:- and i'll get u a guy that will make u feel alright..(winks)
Mercy:-(provoked) no no no!!! Dont start that rubbish with me abeg. Ah ahn. 
Dora:- (laughs out loud). I'm just kidding o...before u strangle me now..
All:- (laughs)
Scene closed..
*story continues.*

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