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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The clever substitute(episode 2)


Episode 2..
(the twins are about to begin their ssce examination ,in preparation for the university level.
Meshach and mercy arrived at school and went their went their different ways to meet friends.)
Sarah;- (shouts) mercy baby..howfar na?
Mercy:- (runs to her) my friend.i'm somehow fine o...where are the other girls.
Sarah:- they are at the school canteen.u wan go meet them?
Mercy:- no.for now i have to read my books.exam is closing in.
Sarah :- true,but lets go.you'll read at the canteen
(she dragged mercy to follow her-
@class- meshach walks to his friends.)
Meshach:- guys,i don show.
Moses:- you're late man..
Simon:- really late.you missed this morning's tutorial..
Meshach:- well,i had to watch my sister's tears dry up before we came in..so u guys will teach me what u all learnt from the tutorial..
Simon:- we actually learnt nothing. Cos we were absent.
Meshach:- why!?
Moses:- its david again..he's high as usual.we had to stay with him to ensure that no teacher suspects.we couldnt leave him alone here.
Meshach:- well,thats really bad for all of us.
David:-(drooling saliva) 
Bro' did u come with the stuff?
Meshach:- yh.i was able to get some from my dad's suit.its extra powerful.
Moses:- well,bring it out..lets feel it.
(meshach dips his fingers into his school bag and brings out a sachet filled with extra powerful #tramadol tablets..)
Simon:- dont u guys think its too early for all of us to get high at the same time?
Meshach:-.relax man.we wont get high.we'll mix it with sone juice..
David:- (jams his head with the water bottle in his hands.)dont answer the coward,he is too pessimistic. Lets get high guys.
(they distributes the drug and mix it in a bottle of juice each,then they began to drink.)
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