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Monday, June 26, 2017

The clever substitute (episode 5)

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Episode 5
(mercy still had few minutes till closing,so that gave her enough time to return to meshach in the class
And they both went home)
Later that day
(the twins were in the parlour watching a video
When mr martins appears for the first time in the play)
Mercy:- welcome dad.
Mr martins:- (ignoring her)
Meshach my son.i'm home.
Meshach:- (waves) daddy yo.welcome sir..how work?
Mr martins:- well,work was hideous as usual...how was school.
Meshach:- school was normal..just that we were late enough to miss the tuturial.
Mr martins:- and why would u be late for school?.
Meshach:- nothing dad..we were just late today. 
Mr martins:- what do u mean by "we"?
Meshach :- myself and mercy
Mr martins:- i knew she would be the cause of your lateness.look here my son.dont wait for her next time..i can't pay for your tuition fees and you later end up without going through the lesson..ok?
Dont let her influence you with her sluggish attitudes.
Meshach:- dad.it wasn't her fault.u didnt leave money for her school upkeep.
Mr martins:- why would i leave money for her?
Meshach:- cos she is a daughter,just like i am a son  to u..
Mr martins:- look here son..
If  a farmer has 2 trees,one is fruitful and useful to him and the other is being destined to feed those of the world.which of them is more valuable to the farmer?
Meshach:- the one thats useful to him.
Mr martins:- thats just the point..u are useful to me,you'll carry on my name,the ade name till eternity..
But your so-called sister is otherwise, if i spend excess on her,what will be my gain..
So far as i am concerned,she is not my daughter.u are my son.
Meshach:- daddy.how can i be your son when u say my twin sister is not your daughter? That doesnt connect na.
Mr martins:- (feigning annoyance) look here young man..i dont want this discussion to continue.tell me something else.
Meshach:- okay.our exam fee for the ssce exams ..we have o balance the school before friday..today is still tuesday..
Mr martins:- you've started again.what do u mean by "our tuition fee"? You better watch your tongue.
Meshach:- sorry dad.i just cant control it.
Mr martins:-anyways,i'll drop the balance on the table for u when i'm off to work.go and change,we have to go visit my friends..
(they exit the scene,leaving mercy alone.
She had begin to cry as usual.)
Mercy:- why does he hates me so?
Does this mean he wont pay my exam fee because i'm not a son?
(scene closes)
**story continues**
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