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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Let us notice you after you're done

The clever substitute 
Episode 1

(its morning @ the ade's residence.the twins were ready to go to school.tho mr martins left the house early for work,but he usually drops something for his son's upkeep @ school..--
Meshach and mercy walks to the centre table to pick what was left there.)
Meshach :- (picks up the envelope) mercy!! Dad left sonething for us...
Mercy:- well open it.
(meshach opens it and draws out a bundle of cash with a note attached to it.)
Mercy:- read the note first.
Meshach:- alright sis.it reads "for meshach only" 
Mercy:- well then,i guess the money is all yours.(she said and walked out of the scene going to her mum's room.)
Meshach :- mercy wait up pls.
(@kemi's room)
Kemi:- my girl.what is it this time ?
Mercy:- i have nothing to take to school for upkeeps.
Kemi;- your dad dropped an envelope for you guys..go and take it.
Mercy:- (frowns) he left a note on it. He says its for meshach only..why does daddy hate me so?
Kemi:- my dear ,he doesnt hate u.he is just blind on the inside..
Mercy:- well then,if u say he doesnt hate me,i must admit that i hate him whole heartedly
Kemi:- ah ahn,my girl.dont say that.no matter what he does,ne shall always be your father,love him ,no matter what he does to u..he's just ignorantly preparing you for the worst..
Mercy:- but this worst is hell,mum .its too much...
Everyday,he makes me regret ever being born..
Kemi: just take it easy..'ehnn. You know that you all are my reason for living..just endure all this trouble for my sake..it'll only last a while.
(meshach runs in)
Meshach:- mercy.i called u and u refused to look back..
I just wanted us to share the money together
Kemi:- mercy can u see that now?
Even if your dad despises u,your brother and i are here for u..at least your dad still pays your school fees.thats the best thing i think he's done so far..
Just focus and stay motivated towards your studies..i know u are a clever girl..uhmm.
Mercy:- alright mum..i'll make u proud.
Meshach:- time is going o..lets hurry.
(they both leave the kiss after giving kemi a hug.)
(here at  school,we introduce mercy's friends into the play.
Sarah- a girl that is fund of ghetto life style 
Dora:- a total runs girl
Dami:- a man in a woman's structure.

These are the three friends whom mercy confides in.they always reason along with each other and are strong against any oppositions. 

And meshach's friends Are
David:- a young drug addict,the ladies man.
Moses:- a timid type  and a weakling
Simon:- a fat type,who fears the outcome of the undone.je is gullible.).......

now the story begins..

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