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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Battle for love2 (episode 4)

#battle4love season2
Episode4 (God sent jeff the saviour)
Me:- (bursting into laughter along with kaylee) nice story ladies,u really held me down with that..(facing katie) let me tell u wat really happened,(jesting) u probablybfell down the stares and lost few of your memory.(screaming out loud) how can u come here to tell me u gave someone a headshot and nothing happened?.even the greatest soldier on earth cant survive a head shot.besides,i already confirmed mrs lauren dead.i dropped a sure head shot on her during our last collision and she fell flat breathlessly in front of me..she gone dead..
Kaylee:(agreeing to my points)confirm
Me:- see!!!  And u mercy,there is no such person as kcee barnacles again..i blasted him,along with Lauren'scorps in the armour room.remember,he couldnt have survived that..hell no way.
(i laughed again)
Katie:- u  never take somethings seriously until the situation turns red ,i just hope i wont get harmed more than i've been.
Mercy:- karnah,your confidence is getting you no where this time around.sure, u shot mrs lauren and burned the building with kcee in it.yes! Remember it all happened in my presence.and also remember i said kcee's skin was-half burnt.
(каylee was paying attention to her and somehow believed)
Kaylee: thats right.but i observe that there must be a logical explanation for all these-----
Me: (cuts in) logic or no logic,i'm sure u girls are insane.u lost your sences.cos i'm dead sure that there aint no kcee or lauren out there.just relax,enjoy, and then we go ou for fun.i've got alot to tell u guys..
Katie:- i just hope your ignorance wont put us to a second/final death
(kaylee took em in to the guest room while i pushed katie on her wheel from behind)
I'm i truely being ignorant?
*to be continued*
That same day.Later i  the night While they were in the guest room,i dressed out to go get them something to cool with.kaylee drank the last juice in thE house already)
Katie:- are u going to leave us here?
me:- i'm not leaving u..i'm only going for few minutes..i'll be back,ok?
Mercy:-- u cant go out there.at-least not tonight..
Me:-dont worry love,karnah will always be fine..ok?
Katie:-- u just hardly listen,jeez.
Kaylee:- i'll come along..
Me :- no,stay with them.i'm off( i set to exit the room)
Katie: go with God
Me:(facing her) God!?  Ion need God dear.i never did.
Katie:- now u dont talk like that ,man.
Mercy: if not for God,u wouldn't survive the last war.u were just 18 for god sake.
Me: that wasn't God at work.it was just man and some logical tactics..now lemme go.
Mercy: so all this while u never believed in God hun?
Me: listen dear!!!!!.i dont know why y'all go around giving him credits for what man does..
If God was real,he would've kept u from this accidents. 
(all their faces went down after my last statement and they said nothing.i guess they already admitted defeat so i set out for the nearby supermarket,i went on foot cos it was really dark to drive..)
**few minutes later**
(i got to the store.on my way back i met a very strange man.he had a gun with him but he seemed friendly)
Man: good evening sire.i need hour help
Me: (oh shit.) what do u man wants from me.
Man: i'm jeff.a member of the underground strikers group.
Me: honestly' i'm a force man.and i've never heard of that in my entire life.
Jeff: (shows me his id card.) i assume you live around this neighbourhood so i humbly seek refuge within your home.i got stranded.
Me:- (i'm sure he isn't genuine) sorry man,i cant help u.i've got a lot of enemies within and thats enough problem for now.if they sent u to me,just tell them u never saw my shadow.
(i left his presence without plans of helping.i mean,i just heard my ladies talk about five men. Who knows of he's one of em)
(as i got close to the house,i could hear creep toe steps behind me.i stopped to check it time to time but i found nobody..not until a sudden bullet hitted my head from no where..-as in *"pooka"*)
Me: wtf!!!! (i fell to d ground. Screamed in pain..then i noticed four men come up to me)
Man 1:- (to his allies)ensure you beat him to death.we were paid to take home his corpse and that we must do..
3 men: (chorused) yes mavoldo.(they joined hands on me beating me with rods,guns,and belts and after that,mavoldo set for the final move.he had his gun on my head..he was ready to fire)
Mavoldo: i heArd you are full of surprises,so i better end u once before u do some tricks
(i felt mavoldo held his trigger against my fore head. And the next thing i felt i heard was a loud and powerful''''''
*"kpoka"* a bullet got fired. )
To be continued..

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