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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Battle for love1(episode 5

Battle for love
Epis 5**enemies arising.contd**
Me;- are u stupid? I said I don't have time to talk..
Kcee;- i see.what were u doing in mrs Doris's office and why is there a lipstick paint on your face?..ain't u post to be in class?..
Me:-(getting frustrated) look here man..you are my senior in this school doesnt mean u can question me anyhow..if you get me ask any silly question,I wont hesitate to create a scene here..dare me..
**i grabbed him by his belt setting my hands to drop a punch on him**
Kcee;- u want a fight?..well go ahead and create a scene here,then you'll explain the lipstick from miss Doris's office ..
Me;- this isn't over yet,just watch yhur back..u know my family and yours ain't in good term.stay off my business else..you'll get it..
Kcee.:-- well.its a good thing that this school has a free liberty rule..I'll like to see the worst u can do..boy!
Me;- oh?..we'll see..
**i left for mercy **
(in class)
Mercy;-hey dear,what's dat on your face..?
Me;- Katie kissed me..so her makeup stained my face..
**shee cleaned up my face then she dropped her own kiss**
(somewhere in school that same day)
**katie and I were strolling along with my boys,then kcee blocked us with his boys**
Me:-what do u want this time?..
Kcee;-- nothing much..I just want u to do some missions for me..
Me;- that's infra tile ,,I'll never do anything for u..u beast..
Kcee:--u will do whatever I ask from u,else..I'll tell d school management about your game..I know your secret ..
Katie:-(jumps in) what secret?..
Me;-- babe stay out ,I'll sort things myself..
Kcee:- did u just call her babe?.
Me:- why do u keep asking foolish question?..
Kcee;(turns to kcee and touches her hair) hey pretty..what are u doing with this unworthy fool?..
**i kicked his ass,he groaned)
Me;--don't u ever touch herr else,you'll live to hate your life..(I slapped him,not minding his stature..)
Kate;- kaydee ,it's okay.
Me:-- I said stay out..(I turned to kcee) now leave here with your broomsticks before I pull up the scene..
Kcee:-- this isn't over,I'll get back at u somehow..just know,your secret isnt safe with me...(he left with his boys)..
*** i just woke up the beast in kcee with a kick..he doesn't like being hit,even if a girl touches him,he beats em up..and the school does nothing about it...it's called free liberty rule..(students with rich parents get to do whatever they like in school)**
***to be continued***

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