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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Battle for love1 (EPISODE 9)

*now I've gat two of my subjects hospitalised and kcee is still out there.mrs lauren had to suspend all activities and close the academy for a while because during this particular riot,i almost shot her fingers..
But,I'm still loosing..kcee is on d wining edge..I must take my game to a top level**
(@ home)..
Kenny;-- i can't believe school has been dismissed all because of u...I  never succeeded when I tried to make such things happen,instead,we got suspended
Kevin:-- I'm surprised..but I hope nobody saw u with d gun.cos guns aint allowed in academic departments for the safety of the teachers there.
Me:-- d principal did..
Jenny:-- well ,shes not your problem , I'm sure u blackmailed her with d video..
Me:-- actually,I'm yet to
use the video...
Kenny :--hmm...hurry up.the earlier the better..
Kevin...:-- yes,that video is your next move .go back to school and see mrs Lauren one on one..let her know what's up b4 she tells dad about your riot.so u wont end up at home like us.

**by bros nd sis plotted my next move for me,now I've got to implement it tomorrow **
(next day @ the academy)
Mrs Lauren.:- young man,you've got yourself into a whole lots of trouble..
Me:-- I know,that's y I'm here..
Mrs Lauren:-hmm..I see..I'll send for your dad and miss Doris,, before they arrive I'll write up your suspension letter and miss Doris's dismissal letter.she shall return to her base.
Me:--I wouldn't do that if i were u..
Mrs Lauren..:-- oh,watch me do it...
**i stood up and sat down on the table right in front of her**
Me:-- I've got something to show u..
Mrs;- show me..
**i brought out the phone, I played d video I got from bro Kevin **
Mrs Lauren...:- oh my!
Me:- hmm !! So,u wanna change your mind abt that now?..
Mrs Lauren.:-(quiet)..
Me:-- ok..here is the deal,keep this issue away from my dad and let doris keep her job..plus,i want you to cancel my brothers and sister's dismissal from the academy.else..I've gat more of d video..I'll upload it online..
Me:-one more thing..tell kcee to stay off my life.else he'll get it..and dont try doing  anything funny,else,the internet recieves your video,then you'll be a military pornstar..
**i left..I'm real good at blackmailing ""
(inside my car,outside)
** I sighted Kevin..going to mrs Lauren's office..**
Me:-- I wonder what he wants to do .(i followed him without him knowing i was behind him.'i need to know what they're to plan)
**to be continued*

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