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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 6)

**katie was already at the hospital nd now I'm at home...thinking of what to do ~then my brothers&sis walked in**
Kevin:-hey Karnah,,whats up with your mood..
Kenny:- yh..u are post to be with us for an outing...get dressed..
Me:--listen yo...I ain't in d mood for any outing ,just leave me alone..I need to think ryt  now...
Jenny:--c'mon lil bro,is there any problem,,feel free to tell me..I may be of help..
Me:-- u can't help,but I'll feel better if I tell u guys..
**i told my family about it all.....**
Me :-- he's taking advantage of this issue to mess around with me..he blackmails me, he beat up my girl  and now she's in a coma..and all I can do to avenge is nothing..he threatens to leak my secret if I  dare him..
Jenny:--Karnah,I'm ashamed of u..u are not ready for this,u are just 16..
Me :-- yh I know ,but if dad had listened to me,I wouldn't be in this condition..
Kenny:-shut up fool..nobody can beat up my girl and go freely,Infact forget abt secretes..who doesn't have secret..
Kevin:-- no worries lil bro..I'll let u know,that I've got ur back..
**kevin brought out his fone,he showed me a video and the content of the video shocked me..**
Me:-- what,isnt that mrs Lawrence our principal and kcee?
Kevin...;- yes bro,they've been Doing it for long,I didn't let them know I caught them...I just video em in case something like this happens..
Jenny;-- hmm,u boys eh!....you are all freaks..
Me:-- wow!.....I have an idea..
Jenny:--this is an evidence with which u can fulfil your wish...
Kenny:--yh bro,kcee has no evidence against u...and u have one against him..
Kevin..:- yh bro,if anything go wrong ,I've gat u..
Kenny: u can have my gun for protection.kcee is cold blooded,he kills.
Me:--so am I, I love u guys..
Jenny:- we love u more ,baby bro..
**even if my dad is ignorant about us,his kids,we always stick around for each other..and my family never let me down.**
Kevin:--Alryt bro,it's time to take on your battle for love..make us  proud by striking back...
Me:-- trust me..
Jenny :-- plss don't kill any innocent this time o..
*to be continued**

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