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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 3)

Battle for love

episode 3
**she actually invited my dad to school and she reported me..i could see the rage on his face as he spoke.**
Dad:-karnah,what's d rubbish I'm hearing abt u?
Me:- what did I do?
Dad:- your instructor gave u a simple order and u are disobeying..what kind of soldier are you trying to become?.. Look here , u better get your head straight..
Me;- wait,do u know what she wants me to do?
Dad;-I don't want to know... U must obey your teacher, or else I'll send you to the NDA.
Me;- dad,she wants me and her to...
Miss(cuts in)shut up.I believe your dad has spoken...
Dad;-yes I have ..I'll take my leave now..I have a 3months seminar with the ghanian chief of army..please keep an eye on him...
Miss;-I certainly will..bye..
(I watched dad walk out... I was confident that he would never show up here but i was wrong.Then I gave doris a harsh look..)
Me... :- you're lucky he doesn't listen to me...
**she blew me a kiss then I hissed and left her office ....I met Katie and mercy outside**
Me;-hey love,
Katie;- what happened in there.?
Me;-nothing much. (I pushed my tongue into her mouth)
Mercy;-so should we go and restart..
Me;-yh--my body is getting charged up..
Mercy;- I'm fully charged... Let's go..
**Katie doesn't know what's up. She's just gentle and doesn't take rubbish**
(as we walked away,i tought of my dad's threat.)
Me:- NDA.?  No.thats the last place i wanna be..that place is so boring mehn..no freedom of action.i heard they live by rules there.
Mehn i hate rules.
But still,wouldnt it be better if dad had listened to me?.he doesnt even know what that doris wants from me and he is already dropping a small but tremendous threat.
I know what i must do.i dont wAnna go to NDA..
(To be continued)

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