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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 2a)

Battle for love,1.

Episode 2a
"Well,dumb miss doris left the class."
Mercy:- boy,u allowed her ruin the fun for us
Me:-chill.i always have back up plans,u know
"i reached for my pocket and pulled out another phone"
Me:- the fun isnt over yet
" well,i played another video,and we grooved to it like a music jam.but a problem came up."
Mercy:- karnee! This one isnt as catchy as the first one ..just go to her for the phone.i want that particular video.
Me:- i was thinking the same thing tho.this one isnt charging up my  currents.
"without further exchange of words,i left mercy for miss doris' office.all with one mission which is to get back my phone and nothing more."
@miss doris' office
Miss d:-young man,u must be insane to be indulging in such unrecommended  act during class lesson.
"that statement was so angering to me and almost got me angry"
Me:- well, its not a new thing ,so why did u take my phone from me?
Miss d:- hmm. I'm not surprised by this act of yours..but anyways. Here is your phone
" she dipped her hands into her bag bringing out my phone"
Me:-(stretched my hand to take the phone)
Miss d:- not so fast.i' need u to do something before i give u this.
Me:- whats exactly is it u want from me?
"i asked with growing breath of impatience"
Miss d:-come on boy (she said as she moved to sit right on the table in front of me and was aggressively biting her lips romantically)
" well,i surely dont know where she was heading"
Me:- uhmm!!!  Speak up fast.i need my phone quick,its almost field training time
Miss d:- dont be in a hurry
"she pulled off her shirt slowly,and i was even more dumbfounded and confused"
Take a look at this (she played the porn video i was watching and acting to earlier)
I saw everything u did to that girl in the class and i wanna have u do the same to me
"this is not going well,what should i say"
To be continued..
Episode 2b
Me:-(giggles). Okk that sounds nice,but m not interested..do ur fvcken worse..i rather let the phone rust here with u than to give u my betrothed dick service.
Miss d:-  i know u want me.i want u too.thats not a hard thing to admit.just make me feel u,nd imma do the same.
(she drags up her inner wear ,displaying her God's blessed tasty nipple.
And i had zero interest in it,just 100% disgust)
Me:-- you're crazy ma'am..u just lost the little respect i had for u..doris,u disgust me right now  ,put your shirt on and give me what i came for or ,,,,(i yelled at her in a threatening tone.nobody likes it when i yell,the outcome is always drastic)
Miss d:-(cuts in) well.u wanna drop threats huh?
Thats good too..heres what is gonna happenyou have to do as i say,else i call your dad and tell him bout this whole shit u did today..
Me:- you wouldnt dare..(giving her a deep stare)
Miss:- oh watch me!! Or wait till u hear it.
Me:- i cant stand u.i'm out of here.(i turned and walked away,leaving her door open)
Miss d:- no matter how stubborn u try to be,i'll still get u under me.its a must
next day in class
(i was in the teaching room with my goons in class while we talked and laughed about previous cold riots that took place in the school.many student soldiers have died in the school and they end up being dumped for their parents to mourn.and government hav so far done nothing. Tho we dont know why,but so far,we enjoy killing each other in the school. And i'm glad to have the best soldier team ever in the academy.so i'm sure i'll pass out alive to be a great soldier like my careless dad..MR DENISON,he thinks this academy is the best and safest training academy place his children.....
"as we laughed and punched the walls broken a senior cadet department soldier walked in.)
Cadet:- el'karnah denison .you dads presence has been acknowledged.he demands your presence ASAP..
Me:- like its been years since i saw him last tho..where do i meet him,sire!
Cadet:-straight to the rules dictator's (miss doris') office
Me:- u say wah?!
(to be continued)

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