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Friday, June 09, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 14

Episede14..( d.day part3)
Kcee;-- its obvious that u aren't as wise as you are tough...
Me:--what honour do u intend to gain in this...I'm defenceless..
Kcee:--- I don't deal with honour..as long as my will will prevail over you...
Me:-- well..you've gat no gun in your hand,likewise myself...so let's make this interesting....I challenge you to a combat..if I loose,you win ..your will shall be done..
Mrs L:-- rubbish ..kcee don't listen,just get rid of him..
Kcee:--- no,the kid Is right...how tough can he be?...I'll like to hurt him piece by piece with my fists...
Me:--goodluck with that..
(kcee made a toad flip and landed right In front of me,..
He made the first hit..)
Me:--now we're on..
Kcee kept throwing heavy punches on me...and I blocked with my hands guarding my face....
I knew kcee can't beat me in a combat...I watch teenage mutant ninjer turtles and other kungfu movies like all the time...I used the dragon kick on kcee..he seemed to have lost balance..then I cracked his legs bent..he groaned in pains..
Mrs L.:--(screaming..)kcee!!!!!!!!
Me:-- not so tough huh?....
MrsL...:--big joe! Stop him..( she ordered big joe to stop me...which he did...but he did it in a painful way..he hitted me on the head with the bottom of the shotgun ...)
MrsL;-- tie him up and give him a hard torture..
(big joe punched the rage out of me,he dealt with me hardly..until I couldn't move...)
MrsL:-- I admire your courage,but it's too bad it can only get u so far..i'll make sure that you'll never see the sun again. ..including your mercy and Doris..
(mean...this is the part where I'll have to drop hope and give up...it's too late to surrender..I'm at the dead end...so sorry to fail u ,Katie...
I looked at mercy from a distance,if only there was a way I could save her from this...as for Doris,it's not her fault that All this happened..if only my dad have me a chance to explain the other day...
I also failed my brothers,,I believed I could handle this alone,I should have carried em along with everything...)..
Kcee:--(crawling to wards the students soldiers ) you fools..all of you, pick a gun each Frommthe shelves....
(they all picked a gun each....I wonder what he wants em to do with,,he ,may order em to kill me..)
Kcee:-- he took out my legs,I want his legs out permanently..
(he nominated 3 of the fifty soldiers and commanded em to shoot my legs..which they did..)
Kcee:-- at the count of 1 ...shoot his legs,two bullets from each soldiers..shoot !!!!!!
(my eyes were closed and mercy screamed on my behalf...
They shot at me and nothing happened..)
Kcee;-- what's going on?...cant u guys do anything right..(he took the gun from them and shot me by himself....i wasnt hit by a bullet...there were no bullet In The guns...only paint packs...)
Kcee:--- but I loaded these guns myself yesterday...what happened..?
(as kcee asked me that foolish question,we heard a voice from the locked entrance..)
Voice:--u wanna know what happened huh?....( the owner of the voice broke the door and came in....I was filled with joy immediately the person came in..)
Me:-- Kevin!!!!!
Kevin:-- that's right bro,I happened.
Kcee:-- how.?
Kevin :--- I'm the game changer..like I once said we only make plans ,but plans have courses to change...while everyone was out of school yester day..I set on a spy mission against kcee,then I knew what's gonna go down today...so I came in at night and swapped the entire bullets with paint packs...you're not so smart huh,kcee..
Kcee..:-- well ,it's a good thing ,there's one loaded gun here...big joe ,use your shotgun on Karnah ..fast..
Kevin:--- if that happens,I'm sure you'll definitely loose your sisters,Julie and Jane..I've got them hostage in my crep..
Et my brother go,else your sisters gets it.....
Kcee:--- you denisons..I hate your ways...
MrsL:-- don't listen to them..joe,shoot him...
(joe shot my left leg with his shotgun and I panicked...)
Kevin:-- y'all just made a mistake.....(called for reenforcement)
You guys are so going to. Regret this right now...
***to be continued*****

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