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Friday, June 09, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 13

Episode 13(d.day part2)
****at the armour arena****
(I can see kcees allies guarding the arena)
Me:---this guys must not sight me..I'm going stealth mode..
(I made up a camouflage and silently took down all the guards one buy one nd rounded them p in the inside the bushes ..I didn't use a gun cos itll create attention of the beasts..)****in less than 20 minutes,***
I took out the guards outside,reducing their numbers..Now i Can use guns,I pulled out the pistols,one on each hands..
I shot my way though the entrance by shooting everyone who tried slowing me down..I didn't kill em..I only took their legs...
(now I walked into the main armour room..it's like an underground bAsement..so dark...as I walked in ,the door closed shot on me,I tried opening it for light but it seemed someone locked it from the outside)
Me:--- deam....I just got trapped...
(a voice from behind said,)
Voice:--- Karnah!!!!..
Me:--(that voice gave me a sigh of relief,)..mercy,is that you..?
Voice:-- yes,you need to get out of here now..
Me:--- no way ,I'm not leaving without you..
Mercy:-- save yourself ,this is a trap...they'll all hurt you with the weapons here..
Me:---they?...all?....how many they are you talking about?..
(she wasn't able to talk again,it's as if someone hit her ....)
Me:--MERCY!!!! Talk to me..
(an unknown voice said,)
Voice:--- I'll talk to you...boy..
(the light came on.....)
( miss Doris was hanged upside down at a high point,and I could see mercy being tied to a chair...they were guarded by big joe,the largest soldier in school..and behind them stood kcee ,mrs Lauren and about fifty soldiers..)
Me:-- you monsters..
Kcee:-- Karnah the wise little soldier...I've gat u now...no where to run to.....you're going down this instance..
Me:---even if I'll go down,I'll ensure that my angels get out of here alive..
Mrs Lauren...:--and how are you going to get them out.?.fool
Me:-- you witch ..I'm not going down that easy...
(with the two pistols in my hands,I aimed at kcee's forehead and chest..luckily for me,he had no guns in with him...
I shot with a large level of rage..to my biggest dismay,,,)
Me:--huh?...(my bullets are all finished..and I'm not with the snipper I loaded)
Kcee:--pathetic ..I guess your brothers forgot to load your guns...hahahahahahahahahahahahah...TAKING YOU DOWN WON'T BE THAT HARD..
(in this kind of dead end ...what should be my next move?...my hands are shaking in anger..I'm in a room full of armonitions and about fifty student soldiers wanting to batter me..)
*********to be coninued***********

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