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Friday, June 09, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 12

**its the d.day.riot is bubbling every where and the students are running here & there..
Kenny & I enjoyed d view from a distance..I could see kcee's boys in masks but again,kcee is nowhere around..*
Me:- he never shows up in riots,he only pushes his boys forward.
Kenny:- yh,he's that kind of person.
(Jenny joins us)
Jen:- hey guys,how's it going.
Me:- we are waiting for Kevin's sign.
Jen:- ok..I've moved our pals to safety.
Me:- including miss Doris?
Jen:-(exclaims) I'm sorry,I forgot..
Me:-(loosingfocus)what!!!..what about mercy?
Jen:- who's mercy?
Me:-oh god...
**whats the use..She saved everybody except my pals..why did she even bother?**
Me:- jenny..u just fucked up.those bozo's will wanna harm her in order to get to me.
**i ran off..I'm sure Kenny was not okay with me running alone,I ran straight to kennis's car..and zoomed straight to to academic class department..about 2500m away from the field riot spot..the academy is really bigger than kano state
(in the class)
Me:- mercy!!!!!(i called out & no responce)
*she's not here,I saw a note on the floor...it reads "if u want your girl back .u know where to meet me..come alone"**
Me;shit!!!! That bastard.
**i zoomed off to miss Doris office..she's not there too.. But there's another note saying "submit the video or she' (doris) gets it"

Me: (sighs) I guess i am the one going commando..sorry bro Kevin..I'll have to do this alone ,and end this once and for all..

* I zoomed to mrs Lauren's office. But I didn't see any body there.but I saw another note which says "fool,u think we are dumb..we are in d last place u can ever think of..u have 15 minutes to locate us,else,your mercy looses her balance,just like katie "*
Me:-how am I supposed to find em..this is the only place I expect em to be..hmm!!! 15 minutes..
**what do I do now, I can't loose mercy while fighting for Katie..**
(to be continued)..
12 likes this night ,then i'll post the next immediately..my words.

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