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Friday, June 09, 2017

Battle for love1 (episode 11

Epis 11
**i played the tape for my brothers**
Kenny:-from the looks of things,it's obvious that school will be opened next tomorrow..
Kevin:- now ,here is what we'll do..
Jenny:- we?
Kevin :-yes  we..this is not a ice and water game..they want to hospitalise our bro..that's cold
Kenny:- true.thats ryt..we can't let him face those thugs alone..
Jenny;-(facing me)your battle is our battle.
Kevin:- Jenny,when school reopens ,go and get all our friends to safety including Sarah.we can't loose her too.
Jenny:- okay..
Kevin:- you'll go round with Karnah ,don't let him move alone.
Kenny:- point taken..
Me:- what about u?
Kevin:- I've always wanted to put that freak in his place,now I've got my chance.thanks to u..
I'll go commando.
**i like this plan..**
Kevin:- neither of us should show till the riot is calm.we stick together till I give a sign..
Kenny:- even at d beginning..neither of us should show in class..
Me:- one more thing ,Jenny try helping me in taking miss Doris to safety.i don't know what they have in mind for her..
Jenny:- hmm! I'll try.
**alright..we fuelled our cars and loaded guns...
I'm glad they are gon fight side to side with me,not because they want blood,but for the love they have for family..**
(to be continued)

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