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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Battle for love

Hello,my name is Karnah Denison ,I'm a teenager-a very bad teenager + the son of a 3 star Nigerian army general..I've gat no fear for nobody...and I attend a military academy with zero governmental policy where I run things with my family(my bro,s nd my sis)
I'm the leader of a gang tagged lord and kings gang .
It's so weird how my bad teacher-miss Doris(a foreign sexy cadet assigned to teach at our academy) seduced me to having a secret relationship with her and I'm so stupid to have fallen for her,now cases have floats in all at once as our secret bloomed into the wrong hands leading to drastic situations that arent meant for someone my age.
I'm in love with some1 ..Katie ,i dont want her to know bout me and miss doris secret stuff,though she's a virgin and I'm not, she loves me so,and I've gat to do all things to protect her ,cos I don't trust the boys in this school,especially "kcee" my enemy..
Note**whoever tries rubbish with my girl,I'll go extra miles to kill him..i already shot someone with my dads gun b4..and I'm not afraid to do it again..you can call me kdee..and the story starting below is called "my battle for love..
*******note:-if u are not eighteen..don't read this,though,I'm not eighteen yet..I'm just **
*in class during miss Doris lesson*
I had my phone with me,and i was kinnda busy watching a porn video with my mama.
I had one hand across one of her breast,I smooshed it passionately like we were lonely in class..I could feel the current that joins us together until miss Doris cut the fun..**
Miss d:- young man,what are u doing over there...
** I ignored her**
Mercy:- shift a little,miss Doris Is looking at us..
Me:- forget her ..just continue..
**doris came closing in ,she caught us and she seized my phone..after seeing the video..**
Miss d:- mr Denison ,if u need your phone back,see me in my office..*she said giving me a side gaze..*
Mercy:-- whyd she look at u like that?
Me :-- I have no idea of what she's up to..
**to be continued**
Awkward begining,but endeavor to read furthermore

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