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Friday, June 09, 2017

Battle for love (episode 15-season finale)

▶ lord*Karnah & ReLaTIoNs
Episode15(d.day part4) the finale ..
(immediately Kevin pushed a bottom on his pad,I saw Kenny coming in with kaylee..)
Kenny:-- Karnah,how can u be this foolish...do u think u could do this alone?.....bullshit..
Me:--(in pain)..I'm sorry bro...I had to.....
Kevin:---save your explanation...right now ,it's blasting time..
(kenny started with a headshot on big joe....big joe fell flat dead on d ground.....)
***most of y'all be like"how come students kill students in a school and dont get questioned"..well...this is military policy,this school is a challenge only few make it out alive..it's a school for the bold..".****
(big joe is dead....and I quickly grabbed his gun..which I used in shielding myself...)
Me:-- now I'm on..I didn't want to kill before but y'all pushed me to the wall...(I crawled to mrs lauren,pointing my gun at her'')
MrsL:--ohhhhhh!....i'm the head of this academy's class and field events ......U wouldnt dare shoot at me
Me:-- hardluck..the only way this academy of doom will die is if you die.once you are dead,the Academy dies too....(i shot her head once...she fell quiet on the floor..then I aimed at kcee.)
Kcee:--- ....wait plss,I surrender ,just let me and my sisters live...
Kevin:---if you want your sisters ,send your goons out..
(kcee sent all the 49 students out..now we are all here alone.....)
Me:--- kaylee ,get mercy and Doris untied....(kaycee untied them,then they both ran to me..they held me up and hugged me.doris instantly removed the bullet from my leg...)
Kcee:---now they are all out,where are my sisters..
Kevins:---- I never had them hostage...ahahaha...dumb kid..
Kcee:-- what!!!!! How can I be this foolish...?
Me:--- you are the greater fool...I've always looked forward to this moment..you've gat no mrs Lauren to back u up now..
Kenny:-- alright brothers,lets get our heads out of here...
Kevin's:--we plead victorious....let's leave..
(kayleigh carried me and the rest followed behind as we walked out of the armour arena leaving kcee inside,with his dead pals..)
**************outside the arena inside kennys car*****
(i got into kennys car with kaylee,doris and mercy..my brothers rode in kevins car..
Inside the car,i saw the snipper which I loaded and the grenades which I kept in the car..)
Me:----guys,just one more thing...
Mercy:--- one more thing?
Doris:-- what's that?
Me:-- just let me out..(I crawled out of the car with the grenades & snipper then kaylee followed me behind)
Kaylee:-- Karnah,what are you trying to do...?
Me:-- just get back in the car --( he left me and I crawled away,then mercy and Doris ran to me..)
Doris:-- what are you trying to do?...
Me:---my mindset isnt done yet..
Mercy:-- what do you mean..?
Me:-- I came this far,all this for Katie..although,I've prevailed,but ive got to make sure I end this evil school..
Doris:--- Karnah,I'm sorry for every thing..
Me:-- things are ok..i enjoyed every bit of it too....now u both please go back to the car and tell kaylee to get the engines started with full rage..
(they delivered my message to kaylee,then he started up the car,and rode in circles..he drifted round the armour arena and caused a serious rage of smokes every where,..)
Me:--- hmmm...smokes,that's all I need..
(I aimed the snipper and shot all the fuel tanks mcausing them to leak petrols..
Then,I threw the grenades into the armour room one after each angle,I didnt mind that kcee was still in there..
I crawled back into the car and gave kcee a move signal..)
Me:---- alright, move!!!...
Kaylee;;;-- u gat it man...
( kaylee pulled up the bumper smoke and sped off..)
****the smokes from the car moved on tho the fuel tanks which I shot and then a large explosion blew up and every thing in the arena probably destroyed..the students soldiers around ran into the schools squad cars and sped off in different cars...the point is,the explosion only killed kcee....)
That was how i claimed my victory..keep checking..
The story aint over yet..
Look out for season 2.
Battle 4 love (rise of the prophecy)

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