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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Battle for love 2(episode 2&3)

Episode 2/3
#battle4love season 2
Episode 2(the return b)

Me:(silently) Katie? Wheel chair?
How is that possible? Who is the other lady with her?
(I lost caution of everything around me as I thought about these. I didn't know when Kaylee left my side to usher Katie and her companion in)
Katie :(strictly) Karnah why? (I didn't respond cos I didn't know she was in) Karnah. After we departed from the hospital, I never heard from u. Did you find someone else? Am I now in your past memory?
Answer me Karnah. Answer me
(Katie tapped me back to life)
Me: (shocked to see her already in) katie !! What happened to your legs. Was it an accident? and where have u been? (She looks at me like someone watching a lunatic display)
Kaylee : from the looks of things right here, I don't think she had an accident. I sence that she was attacked and man handled.
(Kaylee. Kaylee. He is a very good observer. And he never mistook any thing. His observation always are true
Then the other lady spoke finally)
Lady: yes. It wasn't an accident. (I recognized the voice as she spoke)
Me: oh mercy!!!!! What happened to you too?
I'm lost here. And why didn't u both contact me all this years
Katie: I did contact u..but you never attend to your phones. U were probably busy with gun works.
Mercy: I also tried checking on u once in a while but none was at the house. I never knew u moved out. 
Me: I'm so sorry dear s. I shouldn't have allowed my work take over my emotions for u two. 
(I drew them both close and hugged them. I didn't let go till mercy made a loud scream)
Mercy: (screams in distress) my neck;!!
Me: that reminds me. U guys are yet to tell me what happened. I demand you speak now (serious mindedly)
Mercy: they were five! And he led them
Me: five? He?
Katie: (said differently) she came out of no where. 
Me: who is she?
Mercy: they aimed to to kill me. His face and hands were half burnt. 
Katie: I shot her, and it had no effect on her.gave her a head shot and still nothing happened. Then pushed me out the window of the high chamber..
Me:is this a form of joke!?
(I'm just as confused as u audience are_ they shared different stories and I don't understand their words and diction)
Katie: she is back for real
Mercy: they are trying to reach u. They want you. And the only way they can get to u is through Us ( herself and katie )
*to be continued*

#battle4love season2
Episode 3 (the return c)
Me: I honestly don't understand u ladies. Explain one after the other 
Katie: okay.my dad got me a post as an investigator in the sars department in this state.
I was at the office when I received a call that someone came to see me. 
I demanded that the visitor be hosted in the top chamber of the building..few minutes later, I joined the visitor at the chamber and it turned out to be her.I was amazed at first, but had to act bravely, knowing that she wasn't visiting for peace. I knew she had come for evil. So I pulled my gun in defence. Then she said she didn't come for a fight. All she wanted was a clue on how to find u. Well I told her I wouldn't help her get to u. Even If it's the last thing I'll have to do. .
I can't say how it all turned to a fight. But I knew I shot at her belly and nothing happened so I suspected she had a bullet proof dress within her so I gave her a head shot. But Karnah,despite the head shot, she didn't fall. It all happened in a flash, she pulled my shirt off, dragged me to the window and hitted my head on the glass then off the window. That's all I can remember until I met with mercy who was admitted in same ward with me at the state hospital. Mrs Lauren never died. She's back ,untouched
(That was her ordeal. Now mercy started hers)
Mercy: I was on the expressway driving to the scene of a crime as an sss officer.I just suspected Two bikes and a van riding towards me, they blocked my Way totally I couldn't swerve to the left, neither could I turn to the right. I ended with a collision against the van. I was hurt by the accident but I cared more about whoever was in the van so I went to see how things went there. As I opened the door to the van I saw him and two others, I tried to run at the sight of the beast but the two men riding the bike came knocking me down from behind. Then he said to me *"this is a message to Karnah"*
He cracked my neck like they do in the movies with an obvious intention of killing me. But I don't know how I woke up alive next to Katie at the hospital. Karnah. Kcee is back and he desperately wants you. 
*to be continued*

Thats all i'm willing to drop for now.so my vacation starts now..but i promise not to hold too much gap between the posts..
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