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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Battle for love 2 (episode1)


Season2-(the return)
**its been 2 years since i received the anonymous note.and nothing is yet to happen,no threat of any form.i already forgot about the note totally..
My promotion at the army force was quite fast and easy,because of mŷ excellent training which i got from the academy and the badges earned.since i joined the force i made a way for kaylee to join the force too,and i ensured that he fell under my squad as my assistant.together we've led many squads to raid places which the police could not handle  and i never lost to any bad gang,except the boko harams that escaped narrowly.
Despite all this achievements,I'm just 20 years old.life is eazi so far.
But not until katie and i hooked up again..**
story begins ..
(i was chilling at home with kaylee as we decided to take a break from work.we had nothing to do so we just picked up my pads and moved to the gym and began to work out to improve my muscles while we were busy with our body building activities,the alarm turned on,notifying us that an unrecognised set of people were in the premises.)
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