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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Battle for love 1(episode 7/8)

Epis 7/8
(@ school)
**i set up a riot in every angle of d school,my boys fought well against kcees group...but kcee is nowhere around.then one of my boys brought up an idea..**
KLee:-kaydee,it will be good if we kidnap his girls..
Me:- good idea but kcee is too selfish,he'll not come for d girls..
Klee:-okay..then we'll take his sisters..the two of them..they'll tell us where he is..
**we held his sisters captive and we didnt forced em to tell us where kcee is hiding**
Sister1:-he's in the principals office..
Sister 2:-be careful with him,he has a gun..fully loaded..
Me:- that's what I'm counting on..
*i kissed the girls for being good babies and I left for mercy**
Mercy:-- how was it?
Me:--so far so good..give me my bag..
**i took out kenny's gun from the bag and I took out kevins fone,transfered the video to mercys fone then I left for mrs Lawrence's office...truly ,I found kcee there..*
Me:--(furious) yo kcee...* i pointed my Gun straight t mrs Lawrence's door,
Kcee comes out with his own gun in his hands..**
Kcee:-- well,you've got guts boy..It will take me nothing to reveal your secret,since you've chosen to be stubborn .
Me:-- go on,youve got nothing to prove it...now I'm with more guts..
**mrs Lawrence steps out **
Mrs L:-c'mon kids,why holding a gun(she's scared of what might happen next...)
Kcee:- chill ma'am ,let me end this pest,b4 he becomes a problem for me..
  ** smart!..he pulled his trigger and fired straight for my head,but I made a back flip in d air and weaved his bullet..then I shot mine..score!!!..I hit his gun off his hands and crippled his hands..he's bleeding now..I'm happy,until someone screamed behind..**
Me:-- oh my,miss doris..
**i ran straight to her,she got hit on her arm by kcees bullet..I held her close with her head on my chest..I tied up the bullet point to prevent her from bleeding**
Me:- are u okay?.
Miss:- I'm okay whenever I'm in ur arms..
** I pulled down her jackets zip for air to flow through her chest ,then I kissed her cleavage and started to feel her warm lips**
Mrs L:- oh my god!    what are u doing?
*she pulled her phone and turn on the video camera **
Me:-don't even think about it
**i shot the phone off her hands....now back to kcee**
Me:huh?...where is he...
**he ran off while I was treating Doris..*
Me:- Doris,give me your keys..
** I took Doris's key and carried her out.then I saw kcee driving out with mrs laurens car..**
Me:- shit!!...I should have shot his legs instead.
**to be continued**

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