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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Battle for love 1,(episode 4)

Battle for love 1

Episode 4...*rise of the enemy*
(²monthz later)
**miss Doris and I are already into d stuff...I've developed feelings for her**
(N class)
Miss;-hey kaydee..
Me;-how's u?
Miss;--I wanna have a piece of u today.
Me;-I'll meet u there..
(Later in her office)
Me;- (walks in) hey...what are u looking at?
Miss;- I remember few months ago..
Me;-me too ( I pushed my lips to hers)
Miss ;- u were kinda stubborn
Me;-what do u expect .I don't play soft.
Miss;- I think I'll improve your grades after this..
Me;-shh!!! Don't talk ,just do it..
**I moved my hands slowly around her body and stopped on her waist, paused and kissed her with more passion**
Miss;-hold on..(she unbuttoned her shirt.I pulled it off and turned her around-I smooshed her aggressively... At that moment,there was a knock on her door..)
Miss;-oh my...
Me;-shhhh!! Just get dressed..
**after she dresses,I Left her office then someone called me from behind..**
Voice;-karnah denison..
**I turned round and found my elder brother's rank rival.mehn that guy almost killed my brother in a do or die gun combat.i hate that guy,kcee barnacles)lol.
Me;-kcee,look I don't have your time, I'm not in d mood for fights...
Kcee;--Yh,I don't have time for little pests like u either..what is a lipstick doing all over your face.. Are u doing it with Miss Doris?..I've been hearing her groans since...
"**hmm..obviously he has been spying on me or ears dropping on the door***
(To be continued)

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