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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Battle for love 1 (episode 10

Epis 10
(I stood outside the window recording everything they discussed)
**mrs Lauren told kaycee every thing I told her**
Mrs Lauren:- kcee.you have to act fast. This issue if fast threatening.
Kcee:- I can't do anything now,my hands are bad and u dismissed d school after the incident..
Mrs:- so?
Kcee:- well how am I gonna get him when he's not in school? If I do anything to him outside the school,I'll have to pay for it..but if I deal with him here ,nobody will question me..
Mrs:- kcee,I don't care.i'll get u anything u need to end that lowlife..if youve got to kill d kid,kill him
Kcee:- anything huh?
Mrs:-whatever u do,do it in d shadows..we are lucky that the military govt permits killing here..
Kcee:- yh...anyone who gets killed by a student within this premises is too dumb..it's an advantage for us..
Mrs:- just act fast..I'll set your first move for u..take something he realy cares about.like his girl or something..
Kcee:- I actually beat her to a coma.
Mrs:- no wonder he's so furious.Then I'll get u some weapons to usé..I'll call off d dismissal and I want u to put up a riot he won't resist then you'll injure him severely..
**hmm!! This woman is wicked..I'm sure she doesn't know who she's dealing with..**
Me:- bro Kenny must hear this..
**to be continued

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