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Sunday, May 28, 2017

battle for love

#battle4love www.Google.com
Season 3/11
Kcee:- relax. Its not like I've been torturing you since I got you here.
I just want to get to Karnah through u.
Katie :- but why.
Must you be like this?
You are the same bastard that got me hospitalized years ago.
Lauren came back to take my legs. And when those legs began. to heal, you returned again, only to put me In 9 months discomfort. Now that I finally have my babies and had the chance of fleeing once and for all, you gripped me from nowhere only to keep me in another world of darkness. What did I ever did to you that warrants this much terror. Why are u like thus
Kcee:- you see,i didn't just become this. Things happened that made me the maniac I am today
Katie:- awwn. Would you mind telling me about it
Kcee:-well, every one just see kcee barnacles as a bad guy and they judged me for my acts. But they never want to know the motive and experience behind my brutality.
I grew up to know mum as someone who's always in a bitter mood.
I recall seeing my dad die as his very own brother stabbed him.
After my uncle tortured my mum every night. Forcing her to sleep with him.
He also took all my dads belonging leaving mother and I with nothing. When the army force took charge to investigate my dad's death, my uncle framed my mum for my dads death. My mum got imprisoned for life and I was stuck with my uncle who always torture me.
I grew up only to know how to receive and inflict torturing on people. The frustration I get from my uncle is what prompts me to take it all out on others.
Katie:- that's something I didn't expect to hear.
Kcee:- when I turned 13. He threw me into the pilgrims academy. With the hope that I won't survived the horrors of the place. I Remember- clearly what he said after mrs Lauren accepted me to the academy, he said " finally, this is a better way to get rid of u. If you die here, I'll not be responsible for your death.
Whenever the school gets dismissed and I go to him ,he'll say "so they are yet to kill u" I just boil up in anger and leave. I faced bullies back at school. I was tortured real good.
Mrs Lauren took care of all of my needs and later protected me from the bullies at school/she showed me how to do several things in order to be in control. And soon I was the top notch in the premises.
Katie;- oh. I see everything you do isn't your free will. It's. Just through the way you were brought up
Kcee:- I never knew that everything Lauren did for me would come with a price. She talked me into having an affair with her.
And doing all her dirty works. And if I say no, she would say "why be such an ingrate?
After all I've done for you"
Tho I know she had a plan with my uncle. ,but due to the qualities she found in me,she spared me for her selfish purposes.
And now I've decided to break loose. That's a reason why I want to use u to get to Karnah.
Katie:- so have u heard from your mum ever since then?
Kcee:- I traced the prison she was held in after the destruction of the academy. But on getting there, I was told that she was freed by one #general_kemen 2 years after she was imprisoned.
Katie:- isn't there a less violent way to get to him.
Kcee:- all I've known throughout my life is violent.
Katie:- hmmmm. I just want to get home to my babies.
Kcee:- I never knew you were pregnant. Just surprised Me to see you with a set of twins the other day.
Katie:- you'll have known if only you didn't lock me up for months without checking back.
Kcee:- that wasn't my will, it was Lauren's.
But not to worry. It hits me to hear about kids without their mum's attention. So I'll free u now. For the sake of those kids
But don't forget to get my message to Karnah. I need help in  escaping from Lauren's manipulation and avenging my long lost dad and also finding my Mum.
Katie;- I'm sure he'll consider the fact that you're seeking your mum. He also has the same plan. He never knew his mum till now
Kcee:- then I guess we have a long way to go together.
*story continues*scripts for sale
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