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Sunday, May 28, 2017

battle for love (thrilling play)

#battle4love Season 3/13 I couldn't tell who hitted the doorbell that hard but Jenny opened the door and behold ,Kaylee and the soldier came in) Kaylee:- we're back. Me:- we are about to move out again. Kaylee:- where are we heading to this time. Me:- I'll have to apologize to the prophet for what happened earlier. I feel guilty for him and who knows if he has another vision to trace Katie. (As we took our steps out, we saw a weirdly decorated car parked opposite my house with a lady coming down. The lady was so tatard in her mode of dressing. Tho she looked so familiar. ) Kaylee:- Katie!!(exclaims) that's Katie Me:- sure looks like her. (She walked to us and I was so happy to see her but I had a second thought for the fact that a car brought her home. ) Me:- Katie. Where the Hell have you been. Katie:- kcee took me. Me:- I knew it(banging my hands on the car). But Kevin said I shouldn't bother. .when I get my hands on that kcee. I won't spare him this timetime Kaylee;- so how did u get out Katie. :- katie freed me. He asked me to go home and be there for my kids. He turned out to be an hearty fellow. Me:- don't be silly woman. He used u as a bate to get to me. Can't u see. Katie:- listen Karnah. Nobody can be completely bad. Kcee has a little light in him and If you chill, you'll see that. Me:- so because he set u free, he is now a good guy. Av u forgotten how much pain he caused us? U never enjoyed the pleasure of pregnancy. It was all sorrow. Katie:-(sobs) I remember those. But it wasn't his free will. He's been through a lot in life. It's just____ I spoke to him and he told me alot of things. Including finding his mother. Its a sad story and I need you to know that kcee needs your help. All of you. Me:- I can see, he brain washed you. (Enraged) Kaylee, do you guys have the location of him? Kaylee:- yes boss Me:- that's good. I already have my girl..sorry. I already have my woman back ,and my bro is alright. Now its time to devour the devourers for they shall live no more. Katie:- no Karnah. Let him be. God says *forgive and forget* Me:- oh really? And that same God said *suffer not the witch to live* Kcee goes today. If I'll spare him, then He'll have to be jailed *story continues*
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